First installation of sensors (probes) with our partner Conapa

We carried out the first installation of humidity sensors with one of our national partners, Conapa.

We are in a farm in Chinchón cultivated with vineyard, in a sandy loam soil with certain difficulties due to the existence of stone and other common elements in farms in this area of ​​Madrid.

Installation in CHINCHÓN with Conapa

Conapa is a company specialized in implementing new technologies to improve the profitability of crops, formed by a team of agricultural experts who are experts in:

  • Soil mapping.
  • Agrodigital consulting.
  • Agricultural remote sensing.
  • Extensive experience in precision agriculture and resource optimization.
First humidity sensors

Since the beginning of the year that we started the talks, we have finally shared space at the Smart AgriFood fair in Malaga, joined forces in several proposals focused on precision agriculture and carried out this first installation on the farm of one of its clients.

Humidity and temperature sensors measuring 40cm deep. Readings automatically every 4 hours and sending information with LoRa Radio Frequency technology

Equipo Plantae y CONAPA

Plantae team installing the wireless gprs hub, which is powered by battery and solar panel to work autonomously. IP box resistant to rain, frost and agricultural products

Plantae Technology

We install humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors / probes at various depths, to monitor the humidity and salinity of a vineyard plantation.

We will measure in real time the humidity of the subsoil with the sensor adapted to the root system of the vine, measuring in real time to be able to plan the irrigation system intelligently.

The conductivity will indicate the accumulated salinity and to be able to correct it properly and that the growth of the plant is not harmed. Salinity can cause stomatal closure that makes it difficult for you to breathe.

The factors that influence the wet bulb of the plant depend fundamentally on the type of soil, a test carried out by CONAPA and indicates the depth to which we must place the sensor, in addition to the assessment of the depth of the roots.

Hub en viñas
Hub / receiver in viñas-2018
Hub en olivo superintensivo
Sensor hub / receiver 7 humidity, temperature and conductivity probes

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