We present the humidity sensors in the first agricultural fairs-Year 2017

We started the presentation of our humidity sensors and probes project at different agricultural fairs. Year 2017.

First Agricultural Fairs-Worl Olive Oil Exhibition

We presented our humidity sensors at the World Olive Oil Exhibition, our first agricultural fair

In a fair of this level, the World Olive Oil Exhibition, we could not miss , and there we were meeting with many of the olive oil producers and commercial brands nationwide.

At World Olive Oil Exhibition we learned about:

  • The different types of oil.
  • The uses of oil in cooking by Firo Vázquez and Gastrooleoum.

We closed several clients to install our moisture sensors in large irrigated regions:

  • First at the national level (Jaén, Córdoba, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Badajoz).
  • Second at the international level (Uruguay and Turkey).

Second agricultural fair we visited promoting our sensors-Fame Innowa

Irrigation and horticultural companies in the F Mediterranean agricultural technology and agribusiness area (Fame Innowa) in Torre Pacheco , (Murcia).

We had a special interest in this fair for witnessing some conferences:

  • On Thursday 30 we were able to attend the talks by Emilio Nicolás. (Senior Scientist of the irrigation department and belonging to the Csic)
  • Conference by Roque Torres (Head of the University of Systems Engineering and Automation at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT).

In it, they talked about technological trends regarding irrigation and plant control and agri-food needs in the coming years.

Contacts with companies:

  • We highlight the irrigation management companies very interested in controlling humidity with the sensors of Plantae.
  • Also horticultural companies in the Murcia region (lettuce, melons, potatoes ...).
  • Finally, possible partners interested in offering our technology to their clients.

Third agricultural fair in 2017-FERCAM

On this occasion we were able to visit the National Country Fair Fercam 2017 in Manzanares, Ciudad Real.

A great opportunity to meet with companies from:

  • Installation of irrigation and supplies.
  • Marketers of the pistachio sector.
  • Some cooperatives.
  • Some cooperatives.

Type of public in Fercam

Many young people who are going to join the agricultural sector pass through this fair, with the aim of knowing the news to plan their farms.

In recent years, many young people have joined the agricultural sector in Castilla la Mancha.

Many of these new farmers are women.

Almost all of them have benefited from the "farm improvement program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development."

These Young farmers come to the fair in search of new technologies to design improvement plans in the field.

In just two days at Fercam, we had new opportunities and customers with problems of water saving, optimization and interest in our sensors .

A great success this fair!

We finished this semester with Expoliva in Jaén

Two days of intense activity at the Expoliva fair in Jaén.

  • They helped us to meet new distribution partners.
  • Marketing of our product.
  • Contact with cooperatives.
  • Contact with managers and farmers.

Objectives in Expoliva

The fair welcomes the technology sector and scientists who present the latest innovations in the olive grove sector, nationally and internationally.

The interest of the olive oil sector is triggered with Plantae, for two reasons, the water saving needs and knowledge of data in irrigated areas.

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