Installation in a 5 ha nursery in Córdoba for the production of almond and olive seedlings with sectorized drip and sprinkler irrigation.

nursery flow 1


El objetivo del cliente era el de controlar la humedad en los cepellones. Se pretendía que las raíces estuviesen en el estado hídrico óptimo para plantas en esta fase a la vez que se ajustaba el riego para lograr el consecuente ahorro de agua.

Due to the little development that characterizes the plants that a nursery houses, probes at great depths were not necessary. These were placed in specific areas where it was necessary to measure the humidity of the root balls to better control water consumption and hydration of the plants.

In addition, conductivity probes were placed to ensure that salinity did not reach harmful levels, since in this phase the plants tend to be more sensitive to the environment.

Por último, para poder tener un control absoluto del riego se instaló un caudalímetro. De este modo, se mide exactamente la cantidad de agua aplicada en cada riego y se detecta con facilidad algún fallo o incidencia en el sistema.

The probes communicate with a 220v hub installed at a short distance.


Humedad  Conductividad




Plantae Agro

+10 %

water saving

By obtaining a record of the humidity in the root balls on which the plants are located, an adjustment of the irrigation cycles was possible. Thus, it was possible to reduce water consumption while supplying the plants with the water they needed.

10 cm

reading depth

Being an installation carried out in a nursery, the depths of measurements of the probes were personalized. As it is an installation in plants with little development, the roots are closer to the surface and therefore it is more relevant to measure the humidity at this height.