Socuéllamos, Ciudad Real

Exploitation of 180 ha planted with vineyards for wine grapes. Drip irrigation system that divides the property into 15 irrigation sectors.



La instalación pretendía permitir al cliente explorar distintas posibilidades de cambio de manejo para el ahorro de agua. Se realizaron análisis de tierra en varios puntos de la propiedad para determinar los límites de las gráficas. Los resultados de estos análisis dan una tierra tipo arenosa y otra franco arenosa.

Based on the results of the soil analysis and the characteristics of the vine, probes are installed at two depths, at 20 cm and at 40 cm. With this, the behavior of the water along the horizons and its availability for the plant is studied.






Plantae Agro

- 40 %

water consumption

Thanks to the readings taken by the sensors and the support of the Plantae Agro team, the customer was able to save considerably on their water consumption. The application of water began to be based on the needs of the crop in real time and they were combined with the state of the soil at all times, which resulted in considerable water savings.