Azores, Portugal

Plantation of 4 ha of tomatoes in Azores, Portugal. The cultivation is carried out in hydroponics on rock wool and coconut fiber, it is divided into 16 sectors.



In hydroponic cultivation, precise control of the condition of the substrate is required. The tomato is in the conditions chosen by the owner. The objective of the installation was to maintain a precise control of the applied irrigation.

For them, several probes were installed throughout the plantation to measure the applied flow and soil moisture. In this way, the effectiveness of the system's irrigation is kept under control. At the customer's request, the reading frequency of the probes was reduced, thus, humidity and flow readings would be received every few minutes. By reducing the frequency of sending readings, an adjustment of the technology is made to accompany the irrigation system of this type of crops, which is characterized by being more frequent short irrigations.






Plantae Agro

2 minutes

shipping frequency

Para que el cliente pudiese tener mayor control sobre un cultivo muy exigente se programaron los sensores para que enviasen datos cada 2 minutos. De este modo, se ajustó la tecnología a las necesidades del cultivo para que fuese compatible con las prácticas cultivo que se llevan a cabo en la explotación.


saving water and electricity

By adjusting the water supply to the needs of the crop through the results of the panel, the amount that was applied can be reduced. By being able to reduce the water to be applied in irrigation, it was also possible to assume the consequent energy savings of the system.