Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias

4 ha farm in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with drip-irrigated banana plantations.

Sensores en plátanos de Canarias


Banana trees consist of a true stem that is a bulb with the capacity to regrow every year. For this reason, it is important to maintain control of the water that the plant receives to keep it alive and energetic in each campaign. The objective was to accurately monitor soil moisture due to water losses that it suffers, mainly due to evapotranspiration.

Several probes were installed in critical points of the installation to control humidity fundamentally. Due to the characteristics of the crop, probes were implanted at two depths, at 20 cm and 40 cm, thus covering the entire soil profile.





Plantae Agro

20 y 40 cm

reading depth

Probes were installed at two depths with which to monitor the moisture content of the soil. In this way, a control is kept of the most active profile of the roots and of the one that is somewhat below. This ensures the availability of water for the plants and characterizes the behavior of water in the soil.