Tembleque, Toledo.

A 70-hectare farm with 22 irrigation sectors serving a Kerman variety pistachio plantation in Tembleque, Toledo.

finca de pistacho kerman en Tembleque


Prior to the installation, a satellite image analysis of the farm's water situation was carried out on which to base the placement of the sensors. Depending on the type of crop and the irrigation system, the critical points in each sector were determined in which to install the probes.

The goal of the installation was to allow the panel to be used as a decision-making tool. In this way, the client wanted to control the real-time situation of the pistachios to be able to assume changes in the management of the irrigation system and adapt it to the needs of the crop.


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of effectiveness in decision making

The data taken by the installed probes allowed to carry out an optimization of the irrigation system. The client was able to make decisions based on the reality of the crop at all times, thus assuming fewer risks with each change applied to the management of the farm. All of this was translated into water savings and system optimization.