Los Navalmorales, Toledo

120 ha farm with traditional olive grove plantation, of the Picual and Cornicabra varieties, in Los Navalmorales (Toledo) with drip irrigation.

Ponencia de Plantae


In this case, 45 probes were installed with which it was intended to measure soil moisture and the flow applied during irrigation. A previous evaluation of the plot was carried out by means of satellite image and the irrigation system implemented so far was characterized.

The installation was intended to evaluate the effectiveness of the irrigation cycles, applied by dripping. This would determine the need to adjust the system to provide the plants with the necessary water without excessive consumption. With this, the client sought to modernize a farm that until now was of a traditional type.






Plantae Agro

Irrigation redesign

increased number of drippers

Making use of the humidity readings, a redesign of the irrigation was carried out with which the number of drippers per tree was increased. With this, the irrigation system was improved since the same amount of water could be distributed more efficiently among the trees, obtaining a better use of resources and better hydrating the tree.