Installation on a 120-hectare farm dedicated to citrus cultivation in Murcia with sectorized drip irrigation to control humidity, conductivity and flow.

Sensores-agricultura en Murcia


For the client, it was important to determine the humidity and salinity of the root balls by characterizing the behavior of the irrigation and salts. In this way, the readings allow monitoring of the plantation when the water is saline or the soil does not have enough organic matter.

Probes were also installed at high depths to avoid leachate and excess drainage. In this way, the amount of water and resources that is lost is controlled and the washing of salts is evaluated.

Ultimately, probes were installed to measure humidity, conductivity and flow at various points of the farm. In addition, the humidity and conductivity probes reached various depths to be able to accurately characterize the soil profile.


Humedad- Conductividad




Plantae Agro

+ 15%

water saving

The humidity readings conveyed to the customer the possibility of reducing water consumption during irrigation cycles. With this, the water needs of the trees were respected but it was possible to reduce the water supplied, which translates into its consumption.

- 20%

de conductividad y lixiviados

By installing probes that measured conductivity at greater depths of the soil, a control of the movement of salts with the irrigation water was achieved. With this, it was possible to adjust the irrigation and fertilization cycles to reduce salinity and leaching of resources.