Installation in a bonsai nursery located in Brunete, Madrid. Plantation of 1 ha for the development and commercialization of bonsai.

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They were installed at various points where control was important to ensure that what was needed was being provided to the plant without wasting resources. The cultivation of these species is very delicate to obtain a quality product.

Probes were installed to measure conductivity and humidity at 30 cm, with which the washing of salts is monitored, and humidity probes at 15 cm to adjust the irrigation to the soil water. Likewise, several flow meters were installed with which to study the irrigation system at various points in the nursery.


Humedad  Conductividad




Plantae Agro

+30 %

flow control

One flowmeter was installed per sector. In this way, all the irrigation sectors of the farm were controlled. This makes it easier to detect incidents in the irrigation system and make decisions based on the reality of the field.

15 cm y 30 cm

reading depth

Two depths of the probes were differentiated in which to take measurements. The 15 cm ones indicate the situation of the water around the main part of the root system, thus ensuring that it is not subjected to stress. At 30 cm, the conductivity was also activated to monitor the behavior of the salts.