Presentation by Plantae for those interested in precision agriculture

This presentation by Plantae is focused on all agricultural graduates or future professionals interested in precision agriculture.

For Plantae it is very important to make known the bases of precision agriculture and its applications how to optimize water and resources in agriculture and professional gardening. For this reason, in recent weeks a couple of virtual meetings have been held in which our CEO, Samuel López, has made this world known, especially applied to the subsoil.

Plantae's First Presentation

On April 24, 2021, a conference was held with the company Gesmontes in which they discussed how the technology of Soil Moisture Sensors works in controlling the irrigation efficiency of a farm . Real examples of irrigation with sensors in intensive olive trees were shown live, in which this technology is used and it can be observed how, depending on the type of soil and according to the data received from the sensors, the way of watering each sector is modified .

You can see the first presentation at the following link: «humidity sensors for efficiency irrigation » .

Plantae's second presentation for students and new talents

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, Plantae organized a conference with students and recent graduates open to all those interested in the world of agronomy.

Blocks that we treat:

  • Precision agriculture approach.
  • Plantae Technology.
  • Future of agriculture.

Agriculture has to:

  • Reduce costs and improve quality.
  • Study how to protect the soil in intensive crops.
  • Develop technology applied to outdoor and underground precision agriculture.

Plantae Technology

The goal is when and how much to water. "Do not water by eye."

To install the sensors we take into account all the factors that influence irrigation.

  • We do a personalized study from the soil analysis.
  • Satellite images.
  • Study of irrigation design with dripper distances.
  • Type of crop and root system ...
  • We value climatic data.
  • Type of terrain.

All this allows us to know where to install the sensors.

Plantae offers:

  • Wireless technology, so that through graphics you can control irrigation and cultivation.
  • The probes are adaptable to the soil and the crop and humidity, soil temperature and conductivity are measured in real time.
  • All with Lora technology.
  • We can see it on tablet or mobile through graphics.
  • The graphs also indicate the humidity, the root activity and thus assess the application of fertilizers and treatments.
  • We can also measure the flow with a flow meter.

All technology advised by technicians who help make decisions.

We can complement all the information from the sensors with the Meteo station to calculate the outside temperature and relative humidity.

Video of the full Plantae presentation


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