Plantae-Wireless technology for Murcian farmers

Our sensors and probes with wireless technology are essential for Murcian farmers, according to the local press.

Plant wireless technology

Plantae products are distributed by Campoés and Prosercam, with professionals who inform the farmer about the operation of the sensors and the water and energy savings they can obtain with their installation. In addition to being personalized for each crop, both for the type of terrain and the type of plant with its phenological characteristics.

They adapt to traditional, intensive and greenhouse crops and are essential for organic farming.

How could it be otherwise, we were present at Fruit Attraction 2022, exhibiting our products and exchanging information with our representatives in Murcia.

Partnes de Plantae
Esperanza, Southeast Plantae sales representative.
Samuel López, Ceo Plantae.
Mari Carmen Pérez Campoes sales director.
Andrés Martínez manager of Prosercam.

Plantae news for 2022

In addition to soil humidity, conductivity and temperature probes, we offer a flow meter and a weather station with measurements of ambient temperature, relative humidity, thermal integral, cold hours, dew point, leaf wetting or vapor pressure deficit. All in real time and with wireless technology. The receiving hub is powered by solar energy if necessary.

The data goes to the platform that keeps the farmer informed through graphics of the crop situation.

All with post-sale, agronomic service and advice on everything that the farmer demands.

Savings with Plantae wireless technology

According to customer data, Plantae technological tools offer water and energy savings ranging from 5% to 50%.

It is no longer time to measure by eye, «Maximize profits by reducing expenses from your mobile and from the hand of experts».

Plantae collaborates with "the Training and Technology Transfer Service of the Region to promote precision agriculture and added value in the Community".

In addition, Plantae participates in several training actions, both face-to-face and online, and in the pistachio and truffle projects in the Las Nogueras experimental plot.

Todos estos esfuerzos quedan reflejados en las cifras. En la actualidad ya ha instalado más de 9.000 dispositivos en España y Portugal y tiene clientes en Algeria, Brasil, México, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Italia and Marruecos.

Showing all the advantages that technology offers is one of the objectives that has led Plantae to the latest edition of Fruit Attraction, where it has joined its distributors, Campoés and Prosercarm, to meet with customers and suppliers and expand its borders towards Latin America and other interested companies from the peninsula. "Plantae has been participating in Fruit Attraction for 4 years, each time with 40% more space on the stand", they sum up with satisfaction.  

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