Plantae obtains the EIBT seal that endorses its innovative and technological talent

It is an honor to inform that ACTIVA PROYECTOS TECH, S.L. Plantae obtains the EIBT seal that endorses its innovative and technological talent.

What does it mean that Plantae obtains the EIBT seal?

It is a quality seal granted by the National Association of Spanish CEEls - ANCES (National Association that welcomes all the European Business and Innovation Centers of Spain) , which recognizes Plantae as an Innovative Technology-Based Company .

The granting of the EIBT seal by ANCES, supposes the national recognition of a brand that indicates the fulfillment of a series of business characteristics, being configured as a differentiating and communication element.

Companies that achieve the EIBT seal can be considered as market leaders. The objective of Plantae is to reaffirm our brand nationally and internationally.

With this recognition we can offer full guarantees that the seal endorses, to investors, institutions that grant aid (among them IDEPA phase II of aid for EBTs) or possible partners. Also potential as a first-rate innovative project . In addition, it provides prestige and confidence in the private sphere by demonstrating the investment of these companies in R + D + i.

How do you get this recognition?

We have accredited:

  • A proven technological base.
  • A level of innovation recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Being a company incorporated and generating economic activity.

Our innovative talent

How we collect on our website, we are a team of young entrepreneurs who since 2014 and with the support of the Carlos III University have managed to develop an idea and expand it according to the requirements of our clients and the needs of both traditional and intensive or super crops. intensive. It can be applied to any terrain and with any type of irrigation .

The technology

Plantae offers LoRa technology in agricultural sensors and hub / receiver. We exceed 100 direct customers and we have a network of distributors and specifiers in Spain and Portugal. Agricultural sensors cover soil moisture, soil and ambient temperature, the conductive trend .

Also customized agronomic algorithms according to soil and crop.

Also flow meter, weather station and integration with satellite image .

Advantages because Plantae obtains the EIBT seal

The first advantage is the recognition of our work. This encourages us to continue researching and collaborating with precision agriculture and the improvement of the environment.

It also allows us to request financial aid from organizations such as IDEPA to access the global market.

Also prestige to be able to access new partners.

Future goals of Plantae

Our entrepreneurial spirit leads us to explore new challenges, both technological and expansion of the company.

We already have facilities controlled with agricultural sensors in Portugal, Algeria and France. We want to reach more countries and the largest number of crops.

The most important goal of the company is to control precision agriculture of the soil , to help improve food supply , preserve the environment and save water and energy.

PLANTAE obtains the EIBT seal
PLANTAE obtains the EIBT seal



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