Plantae in the Telefónica IoT Activation Program

Samuel López, CEO at Plantae, moves to Barcelona to make a recording with the IoT Activation Program by Telefónica Wayra .

The goal with Telefónica's IoT Activation Program

Since the acceptance of Plantae in the IoT Activation Program, it is being developed within the laboratories The Thinx an evolution of technology with communication NB-IoT (NarrowBand for the Internet of Things) as well as publicize the company within Telefónica Wayra (Telefónica's Open Innovation hub network) and its entire network of hubs present in 10 countries.

Currently the more than 2,500 Plantae devices installed among clients and research centers operate with radio frequency technology based on LoRa and the gprs network through which the hub / receiver / gateway sends the data to the online platform.

This evolutionary stage would allow Plantae:

Our sensors are currently conquering the market national and international saving water and energy in addition to optimizing resources to improve crops, prevent pests and crops.

Participating in this program and using Telefónica's extensive and professional resources will allow us to:

  • Better develop technology.
  • Reach new markets.
  • Make internal agreements with the advantages that a large company like Telefónica offers worldwide.

The agriculture sector is highly developed in machinery and logistics, but the farmer lacks means to avoid treating his plantations by eye (irrigation, fertilizers, treatment with phytosanitary products ...).

Our company wants easier control of irrigation and salinity of the land.

This has a direct impact on plant development, production and product quality.

Olivar superintensivo controlado por sensores
Sensors at various depths measuring the humidity of the intensive olive grove
Intensive planting with Plantae sensors
Planting in Algeria of stone fruit with Plantae sensors

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