Plantae with Agroalimentarias in Castilla y León

Sensors Plantae has the honor of being selected for the "Meeting with Agrifood companies of Castilla y León" on October 15th.

The selection is made by the six « Vitartis » companies involved in this meeting and ours has aroused their interest.

Objectives of agri-food?

Agri-food is the cultivation, trade and consumption of agricultural products . We must control the quality and try to obtain a sustainable agriculture. We have already dedicated another article to Agri-food with a meeting in Malaga at the European level where Plantae also intervened.

«Vitartis» is the Association of the food industry of Castilla y León that organizes this meeting of companies with the following objectives:

  • Increase the quality and competitiveness of the area.
  • Encourage innovation.
  • Give agriculture in the area an international projection.
  • Collaborate with Universities in research.
  • Ensure sustainability.
  • Promote excellence in quality.
  • Accelerate entrepreneurship.
  • Achieve a fit between the food industry and technological advances.
  • Modernize the agri-food system.

Meeting of Plantae with Agroalimentarias de Castilla y León

This meeting brings together the startups selected to present their projects and trends in digital innovation applied to the agri-food industry.

In addition, it is intended that all startups interact in this meeting, exchange opinions in order to achieve an open and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Plantae con agroalimentarias offers the possibility of interacting with other companies in the sector at the same time that we make our product known.

What Plantae offers in this meeting of agri-food

Plantae es una empresa que instala sensores de humedad, conductividad y temperatura en agricultura y jardinería profesional. Con amplia experiencia, consolidada y presente en casi toda España, Portugal y Argelia.

Novedades que ofrece Plantae con agroalimentarias:

  • One of the most important is saving of water and energy.
  • Also improve the quality of the products by avoiding the hydric stress of the crops with their controlling humidity and conductivity.
  • Increase in the quantity of product with controlled irrigation in real time.
  • Very important Wireless Technology and very easy to use.
  • Very easy installation .
  • We do personalized studies of the type of crop: type of soil, variety of crop and irrigation arrangement in the area. Our agronomic engineers assess the position and number of sensors that are needed.
  • As well analizamos los resultados desde la plataforma web con alertas y comunicados.
  • As a consequence, the farmer has access to the graphs from the pc, mobile or tablet.
  • In addition, a maintenance service and replacement of sensors.
  • Finally, the possibility of increasing the number of sensors if the plantation is expanded.
Plantae con Agroalimentarias en Valladolid
Our CEO of Plantae Samuel López exhibiting at Agroalimentarias de Castilla y León.

The press collects the meeting and the importance of agriculture 4.0 in agri-food.

The press collects the meeting and the importance of agriculture 4.0 in agri-food.

Conferencia de Plantae en Vitartis

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