Peppers in Badajoz with irrigation optimized by Plantae sensors

We are to the south of Badajoz in an intensive plantation, outdoors and with drip irrigation and that Plantae optimizes with probes and sensors in peppers, to save water and energy.

Probes and sensors in peppers – Control of their growth

The pepper is transplanted from the seedbed to the plantation that we must previously till in the form of furrows.

Sensores y sondas agrícolas de humedad y temperatura en pimientos
Agricultural sensors and probes in peppers
  • Drip irrigation is controlled by probes and sensors that measure the humidity of the wet bulb that the drip forms around the root system which is voluminous and deep. The structure is formed by a main pivoting root from which other quite abundant lateral ones branch. Humidity control with sensors It is essential for the quality and quantity of the fruit.
  • We also measure the temperature of the soil, which is essential to control the health of the roots and their good absorption.
  • With these measurements we avoid the water stress of the plant and at the same time the excess humidity outside the humid bulb, this makes the weeds grow less and the production is better and less laborious.
  • The terrain is the loamy-sandy that allows good drainage.
  • With a conductivity sensor we measure possible salinity that it tolerates in a moderate and controlled way.
  • The pepper needs a lot of light.
  • It must have an important contribution of nitrogen.
Riego controlado por sondas en pimientos
Irrigation controlled by probes in peppers. 1-Conductivity probe/sensor. 2-Wet bulb around the root system. 3-Accumulation of salts. 4-Drip irrigation. 5- Humidity probe.

Plantae personalizes pepper cultivation

The sensors are customized in depth and in number of hectares, adapting to each type of terrain and crop.

We study the form of cultivation, the weather, the terrain, resorting if necessary to the satellite study.

The measurements can be assessed with a graph that the technicians explain to the farmer.

Sensores y sondas en pimientos
Measurement chart with sensors and probes in peppers

On this occasion we have installed, in addition to the humidity and conductivity sensors:

  • A sector flowmeter, adapted to the main pipe and which, in addition to measuring the flow, indicates the number of irrigations and possible breakdowns.
Sector flowmeter
Sector flowmeter

Drip irrigation structure

The main pipe is the one that has the flow meter attached and from this arise the pipes with the drippers, adapted to the furrows and with a dripper for each plant.

Esquema de riego por goteo superficial
Surface drip irrigation scheme. 1-Water tank. 2-Pump. 3-Main hose. 4-Free ground. 5-Moist bulbs around the dropper. 6-Accumulation of salts. 7-Side hose with drippers. 8-Secondary hose. 9-Sensors / probes for humidity, temperature and conductivity.




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