Pears from Lleida with designation of origin-The best irrigation with probes

The agriculture of the province of Lleida stands out for its stone fruit and pears, specifically the denomination of origin "Pears of Lleida".

Denomination of origin of the Pears of Lleida

According to the Regulatory Council, the designation of origin is intended.

  • Control the quality of the pear: flavor, uniformity and presence.
  • Have a clear, defined and concrete commercial and promotion policy.
  • Be present in the best stores, supermarkets and food centers.
  • Maintain a clear criterion of quality and product presentation.
Peras de Lleida

Varieties of Pears from Lleida

  • Conference : it is one of the best known, for its fine meat and its sweet taste as well as being very juicy. It is long, greenish and thick-skinned.
  • Lemon tree: with grainy meat, sweet taste and thin skin. Yellow color.
  • Blanquilla: is the one with the most juice. The rounded appearance and greenish yellow color.
Variedades de las peras de Lleida
Varieties of pears from Lleida: conference, lemon and blanquilla

Care of the Pears plantations of Lleida

To get a quality pear we must follow some guidelines:

  • Tillage : respectful with the environment. Once the irrigation is installed, it is not tilled, the flora is regulated with remnants of herbs.
  • Pruning : we must remove branches that prevent the light from reaching all the ones we leave behind. The fruit will be controlled by eliminating the smallest ones so that the remaining ones acquire the appropriate size.
  • Irrigation : mainly by drip and preferably controlled by humidity and temperature sensors. Avoid the water stress of the tree by maintaining an optimized irrigation.
  • Harvesting : when the pear is at its point of maturity.
Riego controlado de peras de Lleida
Controlled irrigation of pears from Lleida, row plantations, drip irrigation, Hub / receiver and moisture, conductivity and soil temperature sensors in drip irrigation.

Intensive pear plantations with drip irrigation controlled by sensors / probes

Intensive plantations need special care that we are going to detail.

  • A favorable climate for fruit plantations, cold winters, springs without late frosts and hot summers that add sweetness and color to the fruit with many hours of sun. The regions of Lleida that we detail on the previous map are very favorable.
  • Rows aligned from north to south , favorable to windy days.
  • The rows separated by about 3 meters to favor the entry of machinery for pruning and harvesting.
  • Irrigation control throughout the year , essential to optimize quality and quantity.
  • Controlled irrigation in the second year of planting is very important for a good root system to develop. Also a contribution of nitrogen.
  • The ideal surface drip irrigation that we must separate after the first year. In the image we can see the irrigation with pipes anchored to the ground and with sensors at two depths to control humidity, subsoil temperature and conductivity.
  • Increase the control of irrigation at the time of flowering and the beginning of the fruit , is when it absorbs more water. Cell division in these phases is very high and therefore greater absorption of nutrients.
  • Control the conductivity with sensors and therefore the accumulation of salts especially if the irrigation is very abundant. Lack of control can alter the absorption of water and nutrients due to the compaction of the soil.
  • Install flowmeters to assess the amount of water and at the same time control deficiencies or breaks.

Esquema del riego controlado

Riego controlado en peral
Controlled irrigation with probes in pear tree. 1-Mild salt zone. 2-Root system. 4-Wet bulb. 5-High accumulation of salts. 6-Free ground. 7-Perspiration. 8- Humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors / probes at different depths. 9-Evaporation that influences salinity.

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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital