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Our clients say

With over 300 clients, investigation centres and partners, their testimony is the best example of our seal of identity and the benefits of the technology.

With Plantae's humidity sensors I know the real needs of our crops, all is kept in proportion.

Elena Pacheco

Viña Elena. Jumilla, Murcia.

Great human team. They seek the improvement of their technology every day.

Carlos Valenzuela

Innovasa, Sevilla

With the humidity sensors we control the different sectors and optimise the irrigation of each area.

Ignacio Soler

Tembleque, Toledo.

The conductivity data has allowed me to control fertirrigation and to keep my almond trees in the best condition.

Ricardo Fernández

Almond farm. Santa Amalia, Badajoz.

Thanks to the support provided by Plantae's team and their humidity sensors I have adjusted irrigation in several depths, according to the differents sectors and the crop's age.

Matías Martín

Pistachos de la Mancha. La Puebla de Montalbán, Toledo - Albacete.

I was able to save 40% of the water consumed by my tree crops while maintaining the same productivity levels.

Antonio Fernández

Amacris, Cieza, Murcia.

With the humidity sensors I have optimised the irrigation of my pistachio trees and reduced the risk of disease.

Antonio García

Ecologic pistachio farm. Los Navalucillos, Toledo.

Controlling the humidity with sensors has a direct effect on the quality of the product. Flawless functioning.

David Ferrer

Pink tomato, corn, olive and almond tree. Barbastro, Huesca.