Seventh Business Meeting at UC3M-Technology Park

Seventh business meeting at UC3M (Carlos III University of Madrid), in the Leganés technology park, with the participation of important companies. It is celebrated on September 22, 2022 after the interruption due to the pandemic.

Companies participating in the seventh business meeting at UC3M

Autonomous car in collaboration with Mapfre and the AMPL UC3M laboratory

Cybersecurity platform of CISET

IIWA collaborative robot for mobilization and evaluation of neuromuscular injuries (spasticity) of the UC3M Healthcare Robotics Laboratory

Setup of VR glasses for the rehabilitation Exergames demonstrator of the ASEPEYO-UC3M project of UC3M Healthcare Robotics Laboratory

AGRIBOT farming robot by IDONIAL.

Two portable solar energy systems (CASE and TOW) from Polar Developments

Software developed by Eurocontrol for remote supervision contributing to the carbon footprint reduction

Advanced data analysis tools for companies of Mercanza

Fire and gas detection software from SENSIA Solutions

Software de Power Smart Control

Inclusive language software Themis of Natural Language Analysis

Autonomous vehicle for people with disabilities of the ISVA-UC3M (Institute of Safety of Motor Vehicles «Duque de Santomauro»)

Canard Drones

Drones for the agricultural sector of UTW

Presentation of the UC3M European project, UNITE4H.

And the miniSTANDS where you can meet: 



In addition, a conference will be held at 11 on:

«The positive power of change» by José Luis Izquierdo (Wizard MORE).

Also a round table with the theme: "The transport of people in the league of sustainability"(program).

Plantae at the UC3M business meeting

Our company presents its products in a miniSTANDS and we will offer information to all those interested.

Plantae is a leading company in sustainability and saving water and energy. The crops gain in quality while we increase the quantity of product, with the level of control of the sensors and probes in real time.

We have always collaborated with the Leganés technology park, from which most of the engineers and technicians of Plantae come.

In addition, Plantae has its headquarters in one of the buildings of the technology park.




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