"Optimizing the use of water" in the news of the Sixth-Television

With the title «Optimizing the use of water» , the space of time in the news of La Sexta, publishes a report on Plantae and its possible applications to agriculture, gardening, soccer fields and golf.

It is an honor for the entire Plantae team that a television station travels to the field to make a report on our application and highlights:

  • The saving of water and energy, recognized by the owner of the farm with 20 hectares of super-intensive olive trees.
  • How easy the sensors are to install.
  • Wireless technology does not use cables.
  • Data collection in a receiver that carries a battery that is powered by a solar panel.
  • Possible applications to the field in general.
  • The importance of the application to regulate water resources in irrigation.
  • The measurements they make of humidity and conductivity.
  • How easy it is to have information in real time on a tablet or mobile.

What does "Optimizing the use of water" mean

Neither more nor less than giving the plant or lawn the water it needs with the consequent savings.

Controlling how much and when to water is a priority for many reasons:

  • For the saving water which is very important at the moment.
  • Due to the water stress of the plant, give it the amount it needs at all times.
  • Condensation is avoided, because irrigation is necessary that also influences the salinization of the ground that, if not controlled, ends up damaging the plant.
  • Improve production in quantity and quality.
  • In gardening, improve landscape vision.
  • In sports fields, keep the facilities ready, without flooding and with the right amount of humidity.
  • By saving time on trips, because the information is seen on the mobile or tablet.

Why are the media interested in technology in agriculture?

The media is interested in the use of technology in agriculture for several reasons:

  • The growing problem of lack of water, increasingly a scarce commodity.
  • For promoting knowledge of the rural world.
  • Also publicize new technologies that can reach a greater number of interested people.
  • Encourage an attractive profession from the field.
  • Change the concept of little training in field workers. The future of agriculture is in the use of new technologies, that is something that no one doubts.
  • Today's farmers are technologically trained and attend agricultural fairs to find out the latest news. They have mechanical knowledge, control plantations, fertilizers and are constantly evolving to adapt to market demands.

More and more extensive and intensive farms are being worked on. Controlling your irrigation remotely makes it a huge benefit for the farmer.

The same for the person in charge of the care of a golf course or a racetrack.

Travel is avoided and time is saved and information is managed in real time.

In addition to the report, we include a section of photos representative of our activity.

Hub en olivar Optimizando el uso del agua
Hub in olive grove-Optimizing the use of water
Plantación de nogal intensivo con sensores Plantae
Intensive walnut plantation in Valladolid - Optimizing the use of water

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