Optimization of resources and sustainability in citrus

Plantae participates in the technical conference on "Resource optimization and sustainability in citrus" on October 26, 2023 in Palma del Río (Córdoba), organized by IFAPA, a research center with a sector dedicated to agribusiness.

Optimization of resources and sustainability in citrus

Within the technological research sector, a technical seminar on irrigation optimization will be held, especially applied to citrus fruits.

Our product manager, Manuel Heras Sánchez, participates in the sessions along with other technicians, with the aim of:

  • First explain the different strategies and techniques for sustainable irrigation in citrus.
  • Also expose farmers and technicians to current information regarding digitalization in irrigation and fertilization of citrus trees.
  • Promote the use of black mesh mulching in the planting line, as a sustainable technique that helps optimize irrigation. Evaporation is avoided, with the corresponding saving of water and the formation of weeds is avoided.
  • Our Plantae technician will explain the operation of the humidity, soil temperature, conductivity, flowmeter, anemometer and rain gauge sensors.

Once the exhibition is over, we will go to the field to show the different irrigation optimization equipment so that participants can see how it works and complete the information.

Those interested in participating can write to:


Plantae sensors and probes in citrus

As we have already indicated in several articles, our Plantae technology of humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors and probes is essential for the entire phenological process of citrus fruits.

Son árboles que especialmente necesitan calor y humedad sin encharcamientos.

The New Moisture Sensors - Production Begins at Madritonic, conductividad y temperatura se colocan a distintas profundidades de 20, 40 y 60 centímetros. Todo con el objetivo de valorar hasta donde llega la humedad. De esta forma comprobamos si el bulbo húmedo cubre todo el sistema radicular del árbol para que reciba el agua justa que necesite.

We can also attach a flow meter to the irrigation pipe that measures the flow and warns of possible incidents.




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