Olive trees in Alentejo with 160 humidity sensors / probes-Portugal

The olive trees of Alentejo in southern Portugal they are committed to intensive and super-intensive cultivation and to Plantae technology.

Alentejo which means "beyond the pit" is located between this river and the Algarve. Its plains and irrigation have marked its development in recent years.

Técnico de Plantae en olivos del Alentejo intensivo de Portugal
Plantae technician planning the distribution of sensors in a super-intensive olive tree in Portugal

Most common varieties of Alentejo olive trees

The most common variety of Alentejo olive tree is: Carrasquenha . and Cordovil de Serpa .

You are like traditional olive trees.

Currently the young plantations are of:

  • Arbequina.
  • Arbosana.
  • Koroneiki.
  • Picual.

The Arbequina and Arbosona varieties adapt very well to intensive and super-intensive crops.

With this bet Alentejo is producing 70% of the total production in Portugal.

The construction of the Alqueva dam, with the largest artificial lake in Europe, provides irrigation to 57,000 hectares that have favored this type of cultivation.

Presa de Alqueva en Portugal

Goals for the Alentejo olive trees

  • First increase production.
  • Second, bet on quality and especially on extra virgin olive oil , with which they have already won quality awards.
  • Increase exports worldwide.
  • Modernize the sector with cutting-edge technology for planting and harvesting.
  • Save manpower.
  • Take advantage of the climate of southern Portugal for intensive and super-intensive olive plantations with controlled irrigation.
  • Increase the production of organic olive growing.
Wet bulb with irrigation controlled by humidity sensors in almond tree
Wet bulb with irrigation controlled by humidity sensors in almond tree

To achieve these objectives we propose our humidity and temperature sensors.

It is possible to improve quality, production and save water and energy.

This would not be positive if it were not an irrigated area, thanks to the construction of the Alqueva dam.

Plantae Team

Técnico instalando los sensores en olivos del Alentejo
Plantae technician installing sensors in drip irrigation
Sensores en olivos intensivos del Alentejo
Sensors at three depths in intensive olive trees

Los empresarios de esta zona del Alentejo apuestan por Plantae instalando 160 sensores en el olivar intensivo.

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