Talk New Talents-Students and Future Professionals in Precision Agriculture

On Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. Plantae offers an online talk »new talents» to students and future graduates of the agricultural sector. With this we want to establish a link with those who will be part of the future of the sector, and in particular, of precision agriculture.

What topics will be covered in the new talents talk?


  1. Precision agriculture.
  2. Plantae in this framework: case studies.
  3. The future of the sector and of the graduates.

Precision agriculture

The talk for new talents will talk about precision agriculture, the possibilities it offers and how Plantae's technology is a vehicle for the future of the agricultural sector.

As has been said on other occasions, the reality is that in Spain 24,200 cubic hectometres of water are consumed per year. Part of this consumption is wasted due to poor optimization and efficiency of water management in agriculture. The future of the sector requires sustainable food production while optimizing irrigation systems and recovering degraded soils. The key to achieving this goal is precision agriculture.

Plantae CEO Samuel López will talk about:

  • How precision agriculture allows a real sustainable development to be focused on.
  • The different stages that it has.
  • He will comment on the various possibilities that the implementation of precision agriculture offers, specifying the use of probes in the field.

One of the greatest challenges of precision agriculture is the lack of digital training and ICT management and overcoming this should be one of the priorities of agriculture students. The new generations are the ones who are more committed to new technologies and training, but it is necessary to make farmers aware of the need to innovate and make their plantations more competitive while seeking quality, quantity of product and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Plantae in this framework: case studies

The discussion will include:

  • Practical examples drawn from Plantae's experience over the years with which to represent the Plantae solution and technology in the most graphic way possible.
  • Some case studies will be presented in which the possibilities of the tool can be evaluated.
  • It will explain how the different types of soil affect the behavior and movement of water and the change that could be implemented in an irrigation system.
  • Likewise, the relationships between the different soil parameters will be discussed: conductivity, humidity, temperature … and how they interact with each other depending on the irrigation cycles or the addition of soil products.

The future of the sector and of the new agricultural talents

To close the talk there will be a reflection on the future of the sector and the role that future graduates will have in this development. Population growth opens the opportunity for new development technologies that ensure future food security. This can be approached from various specializations that will be discussed in the course.

  • New information and communication technologies (ICTs) are reaching the professional gardening agricultural sector.
  • Decisions in precision irrigation, on the rise in the coming years, are based on monitoring by sensors (climatic data, fertilization, water consumption, images ...), data processing (modeling, simulation and prediction) and information analysis , as opposed to traditional irrigation.

The talk is part of the new Plantae New Talents program with which we seek to capture the interest of those who make up the future of agriculture: students, recent graduates and research centers. We want this group to have access to Plantae's technology and the possibilities it offers on the path to more sustainable agriculture.

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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital