New report from TV7 Murcia in a pepper greenhouse

We have already dedicated an article to the cultivation of peppers in the greenhouse. Now we expand the information with this report made by TV7 Murcia in a pepper greenhouse .

Murcia farmers modernize by attending training courses and agricultural fairs. This leads most sectors to resort to new technologies seeking:

  • Optimize water, which is increasingly a scarce good.
  • Save energy.
  • Maintain and improve improve quality.
  • Increase production .

The pepper greenhouse report

The local and national media are interested in agriculture with informative programs, publicizing the latest news and reaching the consumer with them.

In this case, the report from the "Field Diary" program evaluates our technology in a greenhouse pepper in which Plantae has installed humidity and temperature sensors.

Torre-Pacheco is a pioneer in cutting-edge technology applied to agriculture. Plantae already has collaborators and technicians in the area through Campoes that inform the farmer of the handling of the sensors and their readings, in addition to providing advice on various products for their cultivation and land.

Make this video our CEO of Plantae Samuel López, one of the technicians of Campoes and the owner of the farm.

Our technology is advancing and we can already offer information on:

  • Soil moisture in real time.
  • The ambient temperature that favors pest control.
  • Conductivity.
  • Salinity, very important in coastal areas.

All through the personalized sensor in depth, wirelessly and sending the information to a platform and from it to the mobile or tablet.

Plantae is customized for each crop

Queremos lograr que el agricultor mida los parámetros que le interesan con un dispositivo sencillo y no a ojo. Los sensores se personalizan en profundidad y en cantidad de hectáreas adaptándose a cada tipo de terreno y cultivo.

We make a personalized study of each product, we study the form of cultivation, the type of cultivation, the weather, the terrain, resorting if necessary to the satellite study.

The measurements can be assessed with a graph that the technicians explain to the farmer, such as the one in the following image corresponding to the report in question:

Humidity control graph on mobile
Humidity control graph on mobile

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