Changes in Manager (Web)

Including all the improvements of the previous version, the Manager management tool (WEB) changes its appearance and incorporates improvements to view the data from our sensors and make managing your crops easier.

Home page / Summary-Manager (WEB)

You can see the summary and filter the available probes, sensors and zones, as well as the location of the devices.

manager (web)-Plantae 2021-Mejor apariencia y visualización
manager (web)

Below the summary you have the details of each probe (remember! Blue -> cc, red -> pm, black -> correct).

And also if you have the Advanced service activated, you will have a display of NDVI and NDWI indexes with satellite images.

manager (web)
manager (web)

See all the details / Evolution-Manager (WEB)

We access the evolution of the parameters or from the Evolution tab itself, being able to see the data of the different sensors / zones in a complete summary.

manager (web)
Manager's website

Section « More info » from Evolution

When entering the detail of any area, we can filter by:

  1. Parameter.
  2. Zone.
  3. Sensor.
  4. Graph legend

Elegir datos

In addition to viewing everything, you can enter a zone and combine various parameters and sensors.

Gráficas de la app-web-manager

New window Meteo

In the Meteo tab, an overview of the climate parameters of your weather station (new product in 2021. Click here for more information).


Agrodata for Cold Hours and Thermal Integral

Finally, in relation to the devices and probes, in the Agrodata tab we select and visualize the evolution of the accumulation of cold hours and the thermal integral throughout the campaign. You can dig deeper through this article

Weather with weather information

The last tab tells you the weather information for the next 7 days (source: OpenWeatherMaps), with a radar layer of clouds on top of the map.



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