New catalog of Plantae devices for 2021- (INTELLIGENT SENSORS)

We present the products included in the new catalog of Plantae devices for 2021. Our company continues to advance and offer the farmer what they demand of us.

We are loaded with new projects.

New catalog of Plantae devices

We started the year with a new website that reports on all our products. In addition, in our blog you can find information on all the crops that we treat with the Plantae probes, we give information about the fairs we attend and articles on precision agriculture .

Plantae probe updated

The sensors / probes Plantae that measure:

  • The humidity of the subsoil at different depths and automatically to control irrigation in the different phases of production.
  • The conductive trend for salinity control.
  • The surface temperature that helps to make decisions regarding fruit collection and other tasks.
  • Subsoil temperature that allows to know the root activity.

All without the need for cables or complicated installations and focused on optimizing irrigation and saving water.

We can also control the reading frequency and place the sensors / probes on the surface or buried.

Sensores/sondas agrícolas en olivos intensivos del Alentejo en el Nuevo catálogo de dispositivos
Agricultural sensors / probes in intensive olive trees in Alentejo

Main Pipe Flowmeter

It consists of the following equipment:

  • Flowmeter.
  • Probe con envío de datos.
  • Optionally includes an analogue meter attached with a dry sphere, to check the water flow on site.

Another alternative is to digitize the already installed flowmeter if it has a pulse counter

The sector flowmeter provides us with:

  • Mark the start and end of irrigation.
  • The total duration and the liters applied.
  • It allows us to control possible pipe breaks.
  • Also estimate the irrigation flow of each plot.
Irrigation water flow meter in intensive almond tree
Irrigation water flow meter in intensive almond tree

Meteo Station in the new catalog of Plantae devices

The Meteo Station consists of:

  • Rain gauge to measure the amount of water that falls with the rain in a given place and time.
  • Relative humidity meter from 0% to 99%.
  • Ambient temperature thermometer from -40ºC to 248ºC.

All the information in real time. With all these data we can calculate the thermal integral of the crop having essential information for:

  • Prevent pests and diseases.
  • Control the development and maturation of the plant species.
  • Optimum harvest harvest time.
  • Control de horas de frío and salida de la latencia.
  • Control of dates for agronomic practices.
Estación meteorológica para agricultura en Nuevo catálogo de dispositivos
Weather station for agriculture

Plantae Manager in the new device catalog

It is the web management panel from which you can consult the data that the probes take in the field in real time.

Plantae mánager

This panel provides us with:

  • Graphs and analytics of the evolution of the different parameters that you can access online from your computer or mobile.
  • Possibility to configure automatic alerts for high / low humidity, conductivity, temperature ...
  • Generate reports automatically so that the status of your farm is recorded at all times.
  • Comparisons between graphs .
  • The platform is available via web / app from PC, mobile or tablet.
  • Control the crop without having to travel.

Plantae Hub / Receptor GPRS

Plantae hub
Plantae Hub

They receive the data obtained with the wireless sensors and other Meteo devices, with a range of 700 meters, and in turn, transfer them by GPRS to our web platform. All in real time.

Plantae agro

Team of agricultural technicians and engineers at your disposal:

  • They facilitate the implementation of technology to precision agriculture.
  • They are in charge of monitoring the readings.
  • They accompany the client in the use and management of technology.
  • They advise on the use of resources and how to increase productivity.
Controlled irrigation with Plantae sensors in olive trees in the intensive Alentejo of Portugal
Irrigation controlled with Plantae sensors in intensive olive trees in Alentejo of Portugal



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