News Plantae in January 2020

2019 closed with more than 1500 sensors installed in the Iberian Peninsula and islands. We have exceeded 160 customers thanks to our distributors and partners, new technological trials in experimental farms and research centers and the dissemination of Plantae in more than 10 national fairs. For all this we give the THANKS to our customers, distributors and collaborators .

After many months of work we present the news Plantae to our clients:

  • Flowmeter: Designing and developing a flowmeter has been a request by distributors and customers since 2018. It is now on the market, allowing real-time reporting of applied risks as well as deficiencies between actual irrigation and the one estimated by the farmer, technician or irrigator. The flowmeter will be a relevant tool for the control of irrigation in the different sectors as well as the correlation of data between liters supplied and soil moisture.
  • Underground temperature sensor : demanded by the horticultural sector to know the temperature at different depths in addition to other crops such as grass inside the garden. This new data will allow to control the subsoil temperature and compare the data with the ambient temperature and other parameters.
  • New agronomic algorithms: Plantae is currently working on woody, horticultural, extensive, nursery crops ... in traditional, intensive, super intensive, greenhouse, outdoor, hydroponic ... all this has been achieved thanks to new studies and calibrations in multiple types of soils, crops and customers.

We will continue to make new tests and specific work with farmers, distributors and research centers, using pressure chambers and new temperature readings to launch new algorithms and hot / cold hours data from the platform.

Novedades Plantae 2020
What's new Plantae 2020