Monitoring of MOISTURE and fertilization- (Sensors and Probes)

Plantae collaborates with the talk on "Monitoring humidity and fertilization" organized by Agromarketing and is focused on the new obligations in monitoring irrigation and fertilizers in Campo de Cartagena.

Monitoring of humidity and fertilization

As we have already indicated in another article on « Save to the Mar Menor with sustainable and precision agriculture «, Campo de Cartagena and other regions of Murcia have to adapt their crops to new regulations.

"Monitoring of humidity and fertilization" is focused on publicizing these new standards.

However, we are going to highlight the solutions that various companies such as: Novagric, Orionis, Plantae, Nutricontrol and Bioagro offer to farmers.

We can also follow the talk through the platform .

The communication was based on a strategy with several simultaneous actions:

  • Newsletters.
  • Social media.
  • Promotional video.
  • Agro specialized press.
  • Agrosensores Web.
  • Portal

Finally, comment that the feedback has been really positive because it highlights the quality of the information offered and its merely practical approach.

Plantae and humidity monitoring with sensors / probes

Our company has extensive experience in humidity monitoring, as can be seen in the talk that Agromarketing has organized. Our CEO Samuel López explains how our technology is a perfect solution to control humidity and control of fertigation in all types of crops.

We make a brief summary of how to optimize irrigation:

  • The first objective of Plantae is to make a detailed study of the plantation, type of soil, topography of the land, form of irrigation and others.
  • Then propose technical procedures for when and how much to water depending on the granulometry and the conditions of the plantation.
  • Sensor technology wireless through Radio Frequency and Hub connection via Gprs / Wifi, easy to install and operate.
  • Humidity control at different depths, ambient and subsoil temperatures and conductivity.
  • Information in real time and programmed according to interest on the mobile or tablet.
  • Finally note that we use the most advanced technologies.

Plantae and humidity monitoring

The fundamental objectives that Plantae technology achieves in humidity monitoring are:

  • Control of subsoil humidity in the wet bulb at different depths.
  • Measurement of the temperature of the roots indicating the root activity of the plant.
  • Compare the different parameters that help manage the application of manures and fertilizers.
  • Flowmeter installed in the hose to control the entire irrigation system.
  • Satellite images to assess the installation points of the sensors.
  • They adapt to all types of outdoor crops or greenhouses.
Monitorización de la agricultura
Humidity monitoring - agricultural sensors and probes

Benefits of Plantae technology for humidity monitoring

First it is easy to install.

Second, we can acquire it at a very low cost.

Third gives us information in real time.

Finally we have the possibility of hiring maintenance.

Plantae news for 2021

Our company is in continuous research, adapting its products to the demands of the farmer. As a result, we anticipate the news that we are going to launch in the immediate future.

  • Relative humidity sensor.
  • Temperature measurement with thermal integral and cold hours.
  • Pluviometer.
  • Satellite image data integration.
  • Also a main pipe flowmeter.

And most importantly, Plantae offers special offers for the Mar Menor area.

Sensores/sondas de humedad y temperatura para optimizar el riego-Caudalímetrro
1-Humidity and temperature sensors / probes in hydroponic cultivation. 2-Sensors and probes in drip irrigation. 3-Sensors and probes in the nursery to optimize irrigation-4-Flowmeter.

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