Flower and ornamental plant market in Catalonia

Our sales representative in Barcelona visits the flower and ornamental plant market of Catalonia. The objective is to promote our company among nurseries and flower producers in the region.

Flower market in Catalonia
Flower market in Catalonia

Flower and ornamental plant market in Catalonia

It is the largest national flower and ornamental plant market and a benchmark in Europe. Apart from the sale to professionals, floral art workshops are organized, marketing courses and business management related to the sale of flowers and ornamental plants are promoted.

El mercado de la flor
Flower market in hectares

The flowers that are produced in Catalonia come from rainfed plantations, irrigated land and greenhouses with a growing growth.

Flower and ornamental plant cultivation in Catalonia

The cultivation of the flower in Catalonia dates back to the nineteenth century, especially the Maresme farmers change their crops for flowers, carnations and roses. But also violets, dahlias and daisies that they sold on the «Ramblas».

The ornamental plant is another of the crops that is growing the most due to its importance in gardening and restoration. Fundamentally, it tends to present the seasonal flower and Mediterranean cultivation.

Gerona's nurseries stand out, influenced by the climate with sunny days and average temperatures, especially in coastal areas.

Its work gives rise to a wide network of services in its environment such as:

  • Phytosanitary.
  • Fertilizers
  • Greenhouses supplies.
  • Plastic covers.
  • Thermal equipment.
  • Humidity and temperature sensors like those offered by Plantae.
  • Specialist assembly technicians.
  • Marketing cooperatives.

The sector is also influenced by the geographical situation that allows it to export to the rest of the nation and to all of Europe.

Offer from Plantae to the flower and ornamental plant farmer

  • The most important is saving of water and energy.
  • Also improve the quality of the flower and the ornamental plant.
  • Increase in the quantity of product with controlled irrigation in real time.
  • Very important Wireless Technology and very easy to use.
  • Very easy installation .
  • We do custom studies. Our agronomic engineers assess the position and the number of sensors that are needed.
  • We also analyze the results from the web platform with alerts and communications.
  • As a consequence, the farmer has access to the graphs from the pc, mobile or tablet.
  • In addition, a maintenance service and replacement of sensors.
  • Finally, the possibility of increasing the number of sensors if the plantation is expanded.
  • Maintain a plant without water stress that favors the color, the size of the flower and the showiness of the whole plant.

Our experience in flower nurseries and gardening in general supports us. We have sensors installed in:

Central Flower Market Building
Central Flower Market Building

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