Mapping in soil and subsoil with Conapa. Precision farming

Soil and subsoil mapping is carried out by Conapa, Compañía Nacional de Peritos Agrícolas, specialized in providing comprehensive services for Agricultural Engineering and Forest.

It is a leading company in Precision Agriculture that helps to implement new technologies to improve the profitability of crops.

Conapa objectives

  • Modernize agriculture.
  • Remote sensing Agricultural, aerial (with very high resolution drones and satellites) and terrestrial (with ground mappers).
  • Agrodigital consulting.

What data does a mapping obtain?

The concept of CEap is defined as the capacity of an object of a certain volume, in this case the ground, to allow the passage of electric current. From these measurements, we can determine:

  • The salt and nutrient content of the soil.
  • The useful water content.
  • The depth of horizons.
  • The detection of working soils based on the different degrees of soil compaction.

How is a mapping done?Mapeado con vehículo ligero para de suelo y subsuelo con Conapa

With a light vehicle or a tractor and a working width of 6 meters, we can map up to 300 hectares per day. Our SoilXplorer probe is not in direct contact with the ground, that allows us to work on any terrain whatever its condition.

What is it for?

With this service, Conapa obtains a complete radiography of the soil and subsoil, with the aim of characterizing and knowing homogeneous areas of agricultural soils, in order to carry out optimal management in the different horizons. It has special relevance in the following tasks:

  • Management and design of the irrigation system.
  • Irrigation schedule planning.
  • Choice of areas where to install humidity sensors.
  • Choice of patterns and varieties in new plantations.
  • Planning of fertilization.
  • Soil and subsoil management (workings and depths).
  • Detection of saline areas, limiting for agricultural crops.

How much does it cost?

The cost is:

  • Mapping service: € 39 / ha.
  • Agronomic Technical Report: € 980.

Prices without current VAT (21%)


Types of terrain that we can find in a mapping

Knowing the type of terrain is very important to choose a crop well, as well as climatic factors and market needs.

Working with precision agriculture leads to quality products and a bountiful harvest. These are two of the goals of agriculture, combined with saving water and energy.

Ideal land for avocado
Ideal soil for avocado - USDA classification


Mapping in soil and subsoil with Conapa. Precision farming

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