Management of soil moisture sensors-Ion meters and lysimeters

On May 31, 2023, the seminar will be held on: «Management of soil moisture sensors, ion meters and lysimeters to reduce water consumption and nitrate leaching«, in the Torre Pacheco Agrarian Demonstration Center and online simultaneously.

Conference program: Management of soil moisture sensors

Field visit to the drainage lysimeter technology transfer project carried out at CIFEA.

José Méndez García.
Training and Technological Transfer Technician.
CIFEA Torre Pacheco – CARM.

Mª Remedios García Poveda
General Director of Agriculture, Food Industry and Agrarian Cooperatives.
Welcome to CDA Torre

Brief description of the center.
Plácido Varó VicedoDirector CIFEA Torre Pacheco
CIFEA Torre Pacheco – CARM.


Monitoring and probes: what to monitor and why?

Mari Carmen López Guerrero
Agricultural Engineer currently holding the position of Marketing Manager at Nutricontrol. He has experience in irrigation and fertigation management training in high-tech systems, as well as climate management systems. He also has international business experience.
Analysis and characterization of the soil and use of visualization limits for the optimization of irrigation with probes

Emilio José Rodriguez Alises
Mechanization and Rural Construction Engineer, Technical Agricultural Engineer and Master in Renewable Energies. He has been responsible for the olive, vine and pistachio crops of the S.A.T. ALIFER, managing the farms with the ultra-low volume irrigation technique. He is currently director of the Agronomic Department of PLANTAE.
Imacimus, analysis of 10 parameters in situ

Cristina C. Cid.
PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Graduate in Chemistry from the Rovira i Virgili University. Co-founder of the company NT Sensors, an expert company in the analysis of water ions and manufacturers of state-of-the-art measuring instruments.
Practical cases – troubleshooting through crop monitoring

María Manchado Rojo
Dr. Agricultural Engineer from the UPCT. Head of the technical department of Widhoc Smart Solution, an agrotechnology company that has been providing innovative solutions to optimize resources on farms since 2012. They have more than 1,800 units installed in outdoor and greenhouse horticulture, citrus and fruit trees in several countries, developing the 'Execution Project for the Implementation of Precision Agriculture and Aquifer Control in the Campo de Cartagena Irrigation Community' of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment of the CARM.
Control of fertigation by means of drainage lysimeters and humidity probes.
19:30-20:00 Questions and answers

José Méndez García.
Agricultural Engineer (2003). CARM career official assigned to the CIFEA in Torre-Pacheco since 2007 as Technological Transfer Management Technician. The cultivation and irrigation of the almond tree and its effect on soil conservation has been the subject of his final degree projects.
He is currently the coordinator of three transfer projects at the CIFEA in Torre-Pacheco, related to runoff in soils under different working conditions, carob varieties and new techniques for the revaluation of plant remains.




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