Plantae Manager

Management panel and web access control

Check the data that the probes take in the field in real time.

Plantae Manager It provides you with graphs and analytics of the evolution of the different parameters that you can access online from your computer or mobile.

Automatic alerts can be configured on it by high/low humidity, conductivity and temperature, among others.

The limits for each parameter are calibrated in function of soil type and others weather factors.

Also, reports are generated automatically so that at all times the status of your property is recorded.

The panel make a comparison between the graphs of the different measurement parameters to be able to correlate their behavior, detect incidents and solve problems.

You can consult the climatic data of the area with which to anticipate the behavior of the soil and the crop and on which to adapt the field management tools.

The readings appear divided by zones. Each area depends on the type of crop, soil, irrigation sector and agronomic strategy of each client so that the results adjust to the reality of the field. The upper and lower limits are configured according to the type of soil and the water needs of each crop.

The platform is available via web from PC, and app from mobile or tablet, in this way you will always be connected with your crop regardless of your location.

Also, allows you to check the status of the field remotely without having to go to it.

So you fully amortize your visits to the field, going to it when necessary and with the appropriate tools for each situation according to the results presented by the panel.


Do you want to see it in action?

Request a demo access here. We send you the data by email so that you can enter our DEMO with real data and draw your conclusions.

Services of the Plantae Manager platform

  1. Subzones by type of soil and crop
  2. Reports and alerts
  3. Graph combination Historical data Climate data
  4. Climate alerts
  5. Homogeneity in the measurement areas according to type of soil, crop and irrigation sectors to make decisions based on the reality of the field.
  6. The panel can be divide into zones based on soil type. Depending on the characteristics of the soil, a correction factor is applied to adjust the measurements to the terrain.
  7. Establishes different measurement zones depending on the crop since management strategies change among themselves. Observe the different behavior of the parameters in the different crops.
  8. By establishing a division by sectors, particular management decisions can be made for each sector.
  9. Warnings if the harmful limits of established cultivation are exceeded. The readings are calibrated to the type of soil and crop so that the alerts are relevant to the particular needs of the client. Reports on the evolution of the field. Receive a fortnightly / monthly report of the readings during that period in the different areas. Report types and their generation frequency can be configured from the panel.
  10. Data download .csv Current and previous data download (.csv) to study the evolution of the soil as a strategic starting point of the agronomic activities in the field.
  11. Download the data collected by each sensor and use this data to evaluate the effectiveness of your resources and the evolution of consumption throughout the campaign.
  12. Compare with data from other campaigns to check the savings.
  13. Check the climatic situation of the region to anticipate events and changes in the field with which to plan activities.
  14. Check the weather forecast for your area. Compare it with the data taken in the field and adjust the work to the weather forecasts.
  15. Plan the work schedule based on these data so that each visit to the field is effective and according to the needs of the field.
  16. Receive warnings for extreme phenomena planned to be prepared for any circumstance and take preventive measures.
  17. Receive frost risk warnings during critical growing periods so you can adapt your management strategy to protect production.
  18. Save water preventing the arrival of rains and adjusting the irrigation system to them.


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Consigue todo lo necesario para instalar tu primer sistema automático de riego y control en tu explotación


Para pequeñas áreas de cultivo

desde 195
  • SIM data card
  • Access to Smatphone APP and Web
  • Subzones based on soil and crop type
  • Reports and alerts
  • Graph combination
  • Historic (6 months)


Si tienes entre 1 y 3 hectáreas

desde 295
  • Inicial +
  • Historic (1 year)
  • Data download .csv
  • Climate alerts
  • Climate prediction (7 days)
  • Satellite Image (1 per year)
  • Remote reactive counselling (1 per month)


A partir de 3 hectáreas

desde 695
  • Básico +
  • Historic (limitless)
  • Satellite Image (1 per month)
  • Personalised reports (1 per month)
  • Add collaborators (individual access per property)
  • On-site counselling (1 per growing season)

Cada paquete se puede completar con 1 hub/estación + 1 caudalímetro 16mm-20mm + 2 sondas con sensor de humedad, tendencia conductiva y temperatura ambiente.




Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta 12.000 € de Kit Digital




Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital