Calçots, sensors for temperature control, irrigation and salinity

The calçots are sprouts The calçots are sprouts of sweet white onions replanted. In the second planting phase, some suckers come out that we must put on, that is, put earth around them so that they do not receive light and become white and also in order to protect them. These shod suckers give rise to their name. They are highly appreciated in Catalan cuisine and are eaten roasted. It is made from replanted sweet white onions. In the second planting phase ...

Calçots cultivation

The cultivation of calçots has several phases:

  • First, the onion seeds are sown in winter, collecting the seed from which we let bloom.
  • In spring they are transplanted.
  • In summer the onions are collected that we must keep until late summer or early autumn.
  • The last phase consists of cutting off the tops of the onions a bit and replanting them in early autumn. The cut allows these shoots to grow, which give rise to the calçots . Normally between 4 and 7 suckers. As they emerge, soil is approached so that they grow white and protected from light. For this it is necessary to plant in deep furrows.
CalÇots- cultivo y cuidados
Cultivation of calÇots with controlled irrigation

Calçots care

Care is quite delicate and Plantae sensors are very beneficial for several reasons.

Temperature sensor

Calçots con riego controlado
Calçots con riego controlado
  • It measures outside temperature and that of the subsoil. It favors sowing that should not have temperatures below -2ºC.
  • It is also important to control the temperature when they sprout .
  • During germination temperatures should not exceed 23ºC. If so, it is convenient to shade the shoots.

Conductivity sensor

  • Onions are sensitive to salinity . We must control the conductivity to assess the amount of salts. Frequent and controlled watering is the best way to control salts.

Humidity sensor

  • Sowing needs a moist soil without puddles and suspend them before transplanting. In this phase it is very harmful for salts to accumulate, so control is very important.
  • In onion plantation humidity and nutrient control is basic, because the root system is weak and if it has little humidity it undergoes its development and if it has a lot, the roots deteriorate easily.
  • Irrigation should be suspended when harvesting is approaching because it impairs the preservation of the bulb until replanting.
  • When replanting , the bulbillo is buried with little soil on top and irrigation and a controlled degree of humidity are very important for the calçots to sprout.

The most delicate part of the process is to wedge the sprouts to get perfect white calçots.

The two provinces that most grow calçots are Tarragona and Lérida, preferably in coastal areas and inland in those that do not suffer much risk of frost.

Cultivo de calcots
Calçots cultivation - irrigation control with sensors



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