The BENEFITS of dried fruits-Varieties in Spain-Characteristics

Tree farmers with nuts already account for 30% of our customers, we wanted to develop a new article to break down their benefits, in particular the pistachios , almonds and nuts .

General characteristics of nuts

  • They have a natural composition.
  • They are very energetic.
  • High level of proteins and trace elements.
  • They provide vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

Specific contributions of nuts according to typology

It should be noted from pistachios : the contribution of vitamins B1 and B6 , vitamin E and K and folic acid (B9). Minerals such as potassium, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, and zinc. They contain phytosterols that favor the elimination of cholesterol.

From almonds : they provide more fiber than other nuts. Vegetable proteins. Vitamins B and E. Minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Nuts : vegetable proteins, minerals such as phosphorus and magnesium, and in less quantity, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc and calcium. Vitamins B6 and folic acid (B9). Saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that prevent cholesterol problems.

Benefits of nuts

  • High energy value.
  • They are good for the circulatory system, favoring good cholesterol.
  • They benefit the immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial in rheumatic problems and the immune system.
  • Pistachios in particular promote blood sugar levels.
  • A high intake of calcium beneficial for bones and growth.

Nuts production

Spain is the second largest producer of almonds in the world, after the United States and the first in Europe.

  • Andalusia represents 29.4% of the total almond surface, highlighting the provinces of Granada and Almería.
  • Extremadura represents 0.7% of the national surface.
Nogal en Galicia

The walnuts at the world level we rank twelve, at the European level the third after France and Greece.

  • The main producing communities are Andalusia, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Andalusia represents 21.5% of the total walnut area and 16.0% of the national production, highlighting the provinces of Granada and Malaga.
  • Extremadura represents 15.6% of the national surface and 13.8% of production. 50% irrigation.

As for pistachio , we produce 0.7% of world production, but it is Spain that has the largest pistachio area in Europe.

  • The communities that produce the most pistachios are Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and Extremadura
  • Castilla la Mancha has 71.7% of the national surface and 54.6% of the production, highlighting the provinces of Ciudad Real, Toledo and Albacete.
  • Extremadura represents 4.8% of the national pistachio surface and 4.6% of production.

Varieties of nuts to highlight

The walnuts , the most common varieties on the market are:

  • Hartley. Small but very intense flavor.
  • Franquette. Thicker less tasty.
  • Juglans regal. Larger but less tasty. Typical of California, more than in Spain.

almonds have more variety. We stand out in Spain: Toasted almonds-dried fruits

  • Mushy. Quite large and wide almond. It is produced in Tarragona.
  • Marcona, the most demanded. Large, rounded and somewhat rough almond. Own from Alicante.
  • Fainting Largueta. Elongated and smooth, with a hard shell. It is produced in the Ebro valley, Tarragona and something in Lérida and Teruel.
  • String. Longer and narrower. It is produced in Mallorca and Valencia. It is used more for pastries.

All Spanish almonds are of supreme quality.

Por último los pistachios 

  • Kerman. Large and of good quality. Some are produced in Castilla la Mancha.
  • Mateur. Elongated and of medium size. very tasty. We find it in Castilla la Mancha. Good production.
  • Larnaka. Medium size and less elongated. Something is produced in Spain.
  • Aegina. Long, medium and with good results in Spain in terms of production.
  • Kastel. Big and round. Average production.
  • Sisora. Medium and long. Good production.
  • Sisora. Medium and long. Good production.

There are many more varieties worldwide, but we have highlighted the most abundant nationally.

Pistacho en Ciudad Real
Pistachio in Ciudad Real- Benefits of nuts

Pistacheros in Herencia, Ciudad Real

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