Vamos a realizar un estudio sobre los almendros de las Islas Baleares que dan lugar según el reglamento del Parlamento Europeo a que la zona sea «indicación geográfica protegida» reconociendo en el mercado cuatro variedades: “Almendra de Mallorca”, “Almendra Mallorquina”,  “Ametlla de Mallorca” y  “Ametlla Mallorquina”. Algunas variedades ya tienen instalados los sensores de humedad y conductividad Plantae porque observan sus grandes ventajas.

All are a result of the fruit of the almond trees of the Balearic Islands and are consumed toasted and raw.

Some varieties already have Plantae moisture and conductivity sensors installed.

Mapa de los almendros en las Islas Baleares
Map of the almond trees in the Balearic Islands

A total of 93,000 hectares with 90% in Mallorca, 5% in Ibiza and the rest in the other islands.

Most important varieties in the Balearic Islands

The almond tree is a tree of the Rosaceae family and has more than 100 different species.

  • The variety « Marcona «, considered the best quality almond worldwide. It is the one that best adapts to the climate of the Islands.
  • La Pons.
  • Pou.
  • Jordi.
  • Menut.
  • Vinagrillo.
  • Andreu.

Characteristics of the almond trees of the Balearic Islands

The almond trees of the Balearic Islands to be protected geographical indication have to meet several conditions such as:

  • The type of limestone soil with a mixture of fine clay that facilitates the root growth of the almond tree.
  • The traditional pruning of the area maintaining a low tree that facilitates the collection.
  • The organic and natural fertilizer from grazing animals.
  • Aprende a pronunciar Irrigation comes from rain and drip. Plantae is already in many plantations controlling humidity that has a very positive influence on almond growth.
  • First year production is not commercialized. From the second year on, 5% is allowed. In the third 25%. Fourth year 60%. Fifth year 80%. Sixth year and following 100%.
  • The collection is done from mid-August to the end of September.

Partes de la almendraUnfavorable aspects:

  • First the sea wind with sodium chloride contribution. To avoid it, it is advisable to make hillside plantations.
  • Also the humidity can cause diseases in the trees. Phytosanitary treatments are recommended.
  • It is very important to replace the lack of rain during the time of almond growth. Controlled irrigation favors quality and quantity.
  • In addition, we are going to emphasize that the increase in tourism in the area means that crops are abandoned and that plantations are not renewed. It is important to incentivize with subsidies to create intensive plantations.

Almond recognition of the Balearic Islands

To guarantee the origin of the almonds, they must carry a regulatory labeling in all the processes to which the almond is subjected:

  • Producers and plantations. They must be registered in the corresponding register, indicating the production area.
  • Manipulators and stockists. The almond goes in bulk and the warehouses are installed in the production area and in a dry environment.
  • Shells . The almond is moistened for a maximum of one day and the peel is separated from the seed by splitting machines. Then proceed to the ventilation.
  • Repellers. It is the removal of the tegument or skin that surrounds the seed.
  • Tostadoras. Si la almendra se envasa tostada se tuestan en hornos a temperatura que oscila entre 140º y 180º.
  • Envasadores. El envasado debe proteger a la almendra y realizarse en el lugar de origen.
Los almendros en las Islas Baleares
Proceso de la almendra tostada con «indicación geográfica protegida»
Campo de almendros en Mallorca
Almond trees in the Balearic Islands controlled by Plantae sensors

Rutas recomendadas para ver los almendros en flor

On the Island of Mallorca we can enjoy from the middle of January until the end of February the almond trees in bloom. The landscape in the form of a white mantle can be traveled by car, bicycle or on foot. It is a beautiful way to enjoy a winter vacation.

We highlight the following routes:

  • The Sierra de Tramontana.
  • The central route from Palma to the regions of La Selva and Moscari.
  • The region of Llucmajor.
  • Finally the route from Manacor to Sant Llornec.
Mapa de las rutas más recomendables para recorrer los almendros en flor de las Islas Baleares
Map of the most recommended routes to explore the flowering almond trees of the Balearic Islands

Applications that give the Islands to almonds

The almond « marcona » that we have already said is the most important variety because it is especially oily, sweet and with a very soft texture. This makes it widely used in baking.

Mallorca offers two typical desserts that can be combined at the same time and the result is spectacular, these are:

Gató Mallorquín, almond cake with the following ingredients:

  • 200 grams of ground marcona almonds.
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Scraping a lemon.
  • 5 eggs The whites about to snow beat apart from the rest.
  • Sugar glass to decorate.
  • All this beaten and mixed properly and baked half an hour at 180º

Almond ice cream

  •  First a liter of whole milk is boiled with two cinnamon sticks, 4 tablespoons of sugar and lemon rind. It is allowed to cool in the refrigerator.
  • Second 250 gr of raw marcona almonds, peeled and crushed.
  • Third we strain the milk and mix it with the almond. It is introduced in the freezer. It is convenient to remove it every two hours to make it creamier.

We can also find: almond horchata, sweet almonds , Panellets and the Ibiza muffins.