Sustainability in the agri-food sector, technical conference

On December 30, 2019, the "Technical Conference: sustainability in the agri-food sector" is held in Villanueva de Alcardete in the province of Toledo.

Manuel Heras, industrial engineer and product manager at Plantae will be at this event with a conference on «Wireless sensors in precision agriculture. Saving water and controlling the crop ».

Objectives of the meeting on sustainability in the agri-food sector

It is a reality that we have already verified in more articles , which population growth demands more food. At the same time, we must reduce the impact on the environment, preserve the environment and take climate change into account.

Among other objectives is:

  • Restrict the use of pesticides.
  • Innovate in products that improve the quality of crops without harming the ecosystem.
  • Control irrigation water where our company Plantae plays a fundamental role.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of the product.
  • Achieve sustainable production.
  • Favor the economy and the environment with model programs.
  • Raise awareness about social improvements.

Ways to achieve these goals

All these conferences in different parts of our country have one point in common: to implement technological innovations in the agri-food sector.

  • First of all, to introduce entrepreneurial companies with their new technologies.
  • Also put new technologies at the service of the farmer.
  • Also create logistics infrastructures that guarantee food consumption worldwide.
  • It is very important to achieve a balance between the urban and rural world with adequate logistics.

The three companies that offer their proposals at this meeting of the agri-food sector are:

  • Plantae . SMART SAVINGS. Precision agriculture to optimize irrigation and save water.
  • Idai nature . BIOESTIMULANT AND BIOCONTROL Products. It offers natural and effective solutions for farmers who want to bet on profitable, sustainable agriculture with a future.
  • Conapa . This company is a leader in REMOTE DETECTION AND SOIL MAPPING. After presenting your work program, attendees will be offered a mapping demonstration, which consists of determining the different types of soils.

Benefits of technology in the agri-food sector

Technology in the agri-food sector makes its professionals achieve maximum productivity and quality, thus giving guarantees of improvement of their investments.

All this is achieved with the technical means that are already a reality, such as:

  • Drones capable of detecting pests, fumigating, controlling production, sowing.
  • Satellite images as we have already indicated in another article.
  • Sensors , like those offered by Plantae to measure humidity, conductivity and temperature.
  • Soil mapping that indicates the different types of land we have and how they adapt to each crop.
  • GPS technology that allows the plantations to be perfectly aligned.
Agroalimentaria de Toledo
Agri-food Toledo- Conference on sensors / probe for agriculture by Plantae

Scheme of the conference that Plantae offers in this technical conference

Difficulties of new technologies

One of the problems encountered by new technologies is the lack of digital training and ICT management. It is already very common to have a mobile or a tablet and the handling of our application is very simple. Our technician explains how to understand the graphics at the end of the installation.

The new generations are the ones who are more committed to new technologies and training, but it is necessary to make farmers aware of the need to innovate and make their plantations more competitive while seeking quality, quantity of product and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Jornada agroalimentaria en Toledo
Agri-food Toledo- Conference on sensors / probe for agriculture by Plantae

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