«Tierras», the magazine that advertises our sensor technology

Are you going to water and pay this campaign by eye? this is the title of the article that the magazine « lands » publishes collecting our technology in a « special of the olive grove «.

Objectives of the magazine «Tierras»

The magazine « Lands » basically aims to inform about agricultural topics . But within this information highlights the goal of transferring to the farmer the new technologies and new resources that we can find in the market to improve the quality and quantity of our crops.

The headlines that we recently found and highlighted are:

  • Quality and sustainable forages.
  • Corn costs and efficiency.
  • New productive challenges for outdoor agriculture.
  • Management of the vineyard in winter.
  • The future of fertilization in extensive agriculture.
  • The digital age invades the vineyards.
  • The future of cereal in Castilla y León.
  • Digital farming is the best option to give beets a future.
  • Wood diseases: the phylloxera of the XXI century.
  • The awakening of the superintensive almond tree in Castilla y León.
  • The future of cereal in Castilla y León.
  • Digital farming.

Precision agriculture

If we look at the headlines, the most sought after objective in the agricultural sector is quality, quantity and modernization of the field with new technologies. The digital age has come to agriculture to stay.

Precision agriculture has very clear objectives:

  • Use the right machinery.
  • Control crops with drones and satellite images to locate diseases, see the evolution of crops, control possible weeds, etc ...
  • Apply the technology to the subsoil. At this point he is a specialist Plantae with sensors for soil moisture, subsoil temperature, conductivity. Ambient temperature sensor, flow meter and soon relative ambient humidity.

The question is the key to precision. You no longer have to water by eye. There are means to apply at a very affordable price and with a technology that is very easy to apply.

Revista tierras

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