We will dedicate this article to lettuce, its varieties and care. It is one of the last crops that bets on our humidity sensor technology Plantae > applied to drip

It is one of the most used vegetables in the daily diet. Accompanies meats, fish, eggs and is a complement to multiple salads.

Lettuce varieties

  • La romana: one of the best known and most used. Long and crispy blade.
  • Lollo rosso: Reddish and more rounded. Curly shape. Very used to color salads.
  • Escarole : more rounded and curly. Taste more bitter than the previous ones. It supports the cold better when cultivating it.
  • Green or red chicory: It is quite bitter and can be eaten raw or cooked. Its season in winter.
  • French: Sweet and tender as butter with an intense green color. Round shape.
  • Iceberg: It's rounded and light green.

Variedades de lechuga

  • Oak leaf : curly and purple. Very tender
  • Arugula : Small green leaves. Something bitter Abundant in summer.
  • Canons : small dark green leaves.
  • Endivia : elongated and bitter in taste. It should not be washed before eating or it will make bitter.
  • Summer wonder : Rounded and one of the most tender.
  • Buds : similar to Roman but smaller. Typical of Tudela.

Variedades de lechuga

Lettuce care

The roots of lettuce are abundant and short compared to the development of the leaf. It is therefore sensitive to lack of moisture and does not resist drought. But excess moisture causes the appearance of fungi. Therefore controlled irrigation is very important.Riego con sensores de la lechuga

The temperature should be medium or high and have many hours of light.

The land must be frankly because they are less flooded. It is important to sow in furrows.

Terreno idóneo para cultivar la lechuga

Sensor installations

  • The first thing is to analyze the terrain.

Sensores en lechuga. Preparando el terreno

  • Second study where it is convenient to put the sensors and the receiving Hub.

Colocación de sensores en lechuga

  • We place the sensors in strategic areas that control humidity in real time

A sensor is sufficient, because the lettuce root system is short as indicated by the previous irrigation scheme. In other crops it is necessary to measure at different depths.

Riego controlado por sensores Plantae

  • Finally, note that the sensor system adapts to all varieties of lettuce.
Campo de lechuga de distintas variedades en Tobarra
Different varieties of lettuce in Tobarra-Albacete