The province of Segovia hosts the VII Congress of «New productive challenges for outdoor horticulture» , on January 15 in Cuellar.

Horticulture is the whole set of technology, research and business that exist around the production of vegetables that can be produced in outdoor gardens.

To cultivate an intensive or family garden we must take into account several factors:

  • The risk of frost, especially if they are late.
  • The number of hours of the sun.
  • The type of terrain.
  • The possibilities of irrigation.
  • Type of crops suitable for the chosen place.

Horticultura al aire libre-Cuellar-Segovia

What is a garden?

By definition it is the place of cultivation of vegetables, legumes and fruit trees sometimes. Do not forget the flowers.

We can therefore distinguish various types of farming:

  • Floricutura : production and marketing of flowers and ornamental plants.
  • Oleocultura : vegetables of all kinds.
  • Fruit growing : fruit production and market.
  • Aromatic and medicinal plants: essential in the kitchen and pharmacy.
  • Arboricultura : production of ornamental trees for gardening and interiors.

Phases of an orchard

Our CEO Samuel López has the honor of participating in this horticultural fair. With this conference he will explain how to modernize this important sector with Plantae's proposal: « Precision agriculture to optimize irrigation and save water in horticulture».

Samuel López CEO de Plantae en conferencia de Cuellar Segovia
Samuel López CEO of Plantae at Cuellar Segovia conference
La horticultura al aire libre, VII Congreso en Cuellar
Outdoor horticulture, VII Congress in Cuellar

Our experience in this type of cultivation is wide. We have sensors installed in products such as:

The optimization of water with humidity sensors and the increase in the quantity and quality of production in this sector is recognized by farmers.

All this combined with:

  • First and foremost a suitable machinery.
  • Second fertilizers and phytosanitary products that respect the environment.
  • Very important data collection to improve future crops.

We achieve a precision agriculture that will make the results the most optimal and favorable for the farmer and the consumer.

Agricultura de precisión con PlantaeAdvantages of Plantae sensors in outdoor horticulture

Our technicians study the crop, the type of terrain and the climate of the area. If necessary, satellite images are used to determine the number of sensors and the ideal situation.

The sensors give us real-time data of:

  • Moisture in soil at different depths depending on the rooted crop.
  • Underground temperature.
  • Conductivity and therefore salinity values.
  • Measurement of water flow to be irrigated and irrigation time.
Sensores en horticultura
Celery sensors at two depths.


Caudalímetro en riego por goteo para horticultura
Flowmeter in drip irrigation of lettuce planted in furrows
Hub en campo de lechugas
Hub in lettuce field

VII Congress of «New productive challenges for outdoor horticulture»

In addition to Plantae they collaborate:

  • «Bejo Ibérica», specialist in horticultural seeds.
  • «Prodestur» Segovia, promoting the economic and tourism development of Segovia, water quality control, analyzing soil, plant materials and organic fertilizers in the laboratory.


Horticultura en Cuellar.programa
Horticulture in Cuellar

In addition the fair has had other exhibitors as you can see in the following link that summarizes the horticultural day:

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION: less water, less fertilizers, less phytos ..., the challenges for outdoor horticulture in the next campaigns

Huerto familiar y sus productos-horticultura
Orchard in Galicia, example of family gardening and the different products that are grown