Irrigated agricultural areas in France

France is a rainy country in winter, but with droughts in summer in some areas. That is why irrigated agriculture in France is increasing especially in the south and southwest.

Irrigation optimization is a must for product quality and French farmers are aware of this.

Although most of the regions have more livestock than agriculture, there are areas of large areas of vineyards, cereals, corn and vegetables, and especially in the south they suffer from water stress in summer.

Type of irrigated agriculture in France

Irrigated areas in France
Irrigated areas in France

The main agricultural crops are: wheat, corn, sugar, wine, apple trees, pear trees, plums, peaches, apricots and vegetables.

The irrigated crops are maize and cereals in the Landes, Gers, Lot et Garonne, Charente Maritime, Poitiers and Haute Garonne areas. Most how can be seen on the map in the southwest.

The other agricultural areas have less need for irrigation and water is abundant even in summer. But even so it is important to control the water stress of the crop.

Irrigated agricultural areas in France

Irrigated areas in France
Irrigated areas in France

Greenhouse cultivation in France

Most of the greenhouse crops are: tomato, cucumber, strawberry, eggplant, lettuce, zucchini, radish and bell pepper.

Controlled irrigation and temperature are essential for good production. Most with drip irrigation.

The installation of humidity and temperature sensors, as well as a flow meter are essential for the quality, the quantity of the product and the saving of water and energy. Especially in spring and summer, a control that makes the quality much better is very important. Plantae has experience in the irrigation of all types of greenhouse crops with soil soil or hydroponic with rock wool or coconut fiber.

Irrigated agriculture in France applied to vineyards

Until 2006 it was forbidden to irrigate the vineyards of designation of origin , but due to the water stress they suffered, irrigation was authorized after the harvest and until May 1. If necessary, it can be watered in bloom from June 15 to August 15 with a specific request.

The main areas suffering from drought are the south , Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence . At the time of ripening, it is forbidden by law to water from August 15 until veraison.

Vineyard areas with designation of origin

Wines in France
Wines in France

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