Chamber of Commerce Conference DIGITAL KIT AND AGRO SECTOR

The CEO of plantae Samuel López, participates in the Chamber of Commerce Conference on "DIGITAL KIT AND AGRO SECTOR", explaining especially the management and control of the entire crop production process. On November 14 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the Ciudad Real Chamber of Commerce.

You can follow the day in person or by videoconference. See link (Zoom)

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Program of the conference “DIGITAL KIT and AGRO Sector”

  • 16.30h Communication Consultant specialized in gastronomy and agri-food products. Fernando Buitrón.
  • 16.45hDIGITAL KIT Presentation. 4th Call for Agrarian Companies. Luis Enrique Rodríguez OAP of Ciudad Real
  • 17.15h DIGITAL KIT solutions for the Agro sector. Frequent questions

Moderador: Jose Fernando Buitrón.

Fernando Buitrón.
Communication consultant specialized in
gastronomy and agri-food products.
Luis Enrique Rodríguez
OAP Ciudad Real
DIGITAL KIT Presentation.
4th Call for Agricultural Companies.
Jose Fernando Buitrón.
Moderator: DIGITAL KIT solutions for the Agro sector. Frequent questions
Carlos Tarragona, CEO of SPECTRALGEOGraduate in Biological Sciences, Master in Environmental Management and Specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)BI and Analytics Solution: «How to use BI solutions to collect historical data, meteorological information and multispectral satellite and drone images»
Samuel López. CEO of PLANTAE Industrial Engineer specializing in Industrial Organization from the Carlos III University of Madrid. Process Management Solution: «Crop management and control solution throughout the production cycle (water consumption, nutrients, profitability, …)»
Joaquín Parra López, CEO of WINE UP CONSULTINGMedal of merit by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Oenologists (FEAE), Communicator of the year 2019 by the Official College of Oenology of Castilla-la Mancha (COECLM) and recognition of Entrepreneurial Merit granted by ADES-CLM 2017 among other mentions for his work professional.E-commerce and Social Networks Solution by One of the few companies in Spain specialized in wine marketing and communication.
David Ruiz Valls, Director of Operations UtilTechForestry and Natural Environment Engineer from the E.T.S.I.A Albacete. Advanced Pilot RPAS (Remotely Pilote Aircraft Systems). Solution Virtual office services and tools: «Use of the cloud and collaborative tools to know information about water, nutrition, and pest conditions in your crops at all times»
18.45h Networking
Ciudad Real Chamber of Commerce







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