Botanical Garden in Barcelona-Precision Gardening

Our humidity sensors adapt to all types of installations. This is verified by the Barcelona botanical garden that uses our technology for various types of plants.

The garden is spread over 14 hectares of land within the Montjuic Park.

Parts of the botanical garden

Most of the species run through a sample of Mediterranean climate plants.

The Mediterranean climate is not exclusive to the Mediterranean Sea environment.
It is characterized for a long and quite dry summer, mild winters with average temperatures and rains in spring and autumn.

Mediterranean climate
Mediterranean climate

This type of climate is found in different areas of the planet, which are those represented in the Barcelona Botanical Garden:

  • Canary Islands.
  • South Africa.
  • Australia.
  • Chile.
  • California.
  • Mediterráneo oriental.
  • Mediterráneo occidental.

The highlight is the variety of plant species from different parts of the world. Very pleasant walk for a different approach to the diversity of nature.

A visit in spring is recommended with the plants in bloom and the different shades of colors that we can see.

Control of the different areas of the botanical garden

Not everything needs the same irrigation, it depends on the species that we find:

  • Trees and palms with deeper roots and deeper sensors.
  • Lawn with buried and shallow sensors. High humidity is always needed.
  • Carpet and vivacious plants: they require a controlled irrigation.
  • Hedges and shrubs, with less need for irrigation.
  • Flower groups with controlled irrigation, especially in spring and summer when they bloom.

Garden management

The priority is to optimize irrigation in all sectors. Maintain pleasant viewing facilities for the visitor while seeking intelligent water savings.

Drip irrigation throughout the park is controlled by humidity sensors which we hope to expand shortly .

Sensors in gardens-probes in Barcelona
Sensors in gardens-probes in Barcelona

Update of humidity and temperature sensors in April 2021

After obtaining magnificent results in controlling the humidity and temperature of the soil in the gardens, we expanded the control areas with probes at different depths, depending on the root system of the plants and the amount of humidity they require.

Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

The Barcelona Botanical Garden is enclosed within the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona which since 2011 has merged five different spaces:

  • The Martorell Museum, founded in 1882, reduced to a geology museum for most of its history, and closed to the public since 2010.
  • The Nature Laboratory, in the Castle of the Three Dragons, a building that from 1920 to 2010 had housed the Zoology Museum of Barcelona, ​​also closed to the public since 2010.
  • The Historic Botanical Garden.
  • The Jardín Botánico de Barcelona.
  • El  Edificio Fórum, desde 2011 sede educativa y principal espacio de exposición permanente, pero contando también con espacios de exposición temporal.




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