IOT and BIG DATA in Precision Agriculture-Wireless Sensors

Plantae is part of the Agrotech platform in the IoT and Big data section for precision agriculture with technology based on wireless sensors.

What is Agrotech?

AgroTech is the technology applied to agriculture, it integrates technological advances to achieve maximum production while minimizing the environmental footprint.

Map of the Spanish Agrotech ecosystem.

El Referente , in collaboration with EIT Food , has prepared a MAP of the Spanish Agrotech ecosystem .

El Referente , in collaboration with EIT Food , has prepared a MAP of the Spanish Agrotech ecosystem .

Also industries related to production and innovation in the primary sector.

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Iot and Big data in Agrotech
Iot and Big data in Agrotech

IOT and BIG DATA in precision agriculture

The map shows the Iot and Big data section that includes the main companies that use software technology with sensors.

The purpose is to transmit data through the internet that provide useful measurements in precision agriculture.

Plantae appears in this group of companies, highlighting:

  • Mainly the design, development and sale of sensors focused on irrigated agriculture and professional gardening.
  • An inexpensive wireless technology with a value-added service for the end customer.
  • It markets humidity, conductivity and ambient and subsoil temperature sensors.
  • Also flow meters and other control devices such as a weather station.
  • All configurable in depth and reading frequency.
  • Customizable according to the type of crop and soil.
  • Currently with more than 300 clients and 6000 sensors installed.
  • The goal is to be a world benchmark in precision agriculture based on IoT and big data.
  • Finally, highlight the advice from technical agronomic experts.

Importance of Iot and big data Plantae in precision soil agriculture

Our project aims to optimize crop production in both the agronomic and environmental aspects.

In addition, the quality of the product is sought by controlling soil moisture, conductivity and root temperature.

Con las mediciones llevadas a las gráficas el agricultor puede modificar los riegos y controlar todo el estado fenológíco de la planta.

Consequently, the farmer makes decisions that help him reduce water and energy costs while increasing the quality and quantity of the product.



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