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Presentation of the Agricultural Technology Market Research program in LATAM (Latin America), the United States and Asia for Plantae, presented by 8 students from Johns Hopkins University, at the UC3M Campus of Puerta de Toledo, on January 18, 2024 .

Características del informe "Investigación de Mercado de Tecnología Agrícola"
Participants in the “Agricultural Technology Market Research” report
  1. Yash Shyamsunder Bagde, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.
  2. Anirudh Bhagavatula, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.
  3. Sumegh Chanania, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.
  4. Lucía Jiexi He Liu, MADI, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
  5. Katharine Priu, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.
  6. Ninad Sunil Solunke, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.
  7. Yuheng Wang, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.
  8. Zhuoran Yan, MSEM, Johns Hopkins University.

Features of the “Agricultural Technology Market Research” report

This group of students collaborates with Plantae, carrying out an "Agricultural Technology Market Research" report, in certain areas that Plantae is exploring, depending on the climate, irrigation characteristics and crop types.

The regions studied are:

  • Latin America, reducing its study to Chile and Mexico, with the advantage of language. Brazil is also important.
  • United States of America in the areas of Florida and California.
  • Asia in Israel and Thailand.

Crops that are most attractive to Plantae

  • In Chile, crops such as apples, cherries and walnuts abound. The export of fruits and wines is important. It is among the world's largest exporters of fresh fruits.
  • Mexico with abundant avocado.
  • Brazil with soybean, corn and coffee plantations.
  • Florida and California with citrus, almond, tomato and avocado plantations. In California, viticulture, enology and sustainable agriculture stand out, as well as universities that research sustainable agriculture.
  • Israel is a leader in precision agriculture, in which Plantae is a specialist. Important to partner with strategic companies.
  • Thailand is also an option to enter the market, with rice, wheat and vegetables. It has extensive areas of crops with irrigation.

Plantae Stakes

After conquering practically the entire countryside of Spain, Portugal and Italy, Plantae wants to evolve and bring irrigation practices, improve water management efficiency and improve crop yields in these countries, to which it already sends control teams. of humidity and temperature.



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