Greenhouses in Torres Vedras: lettuce, strawberry, onion and tomato

We visit the greenhouses in Torres Vedras north of Lisbon, with strawberry, onion, lettuce and tomato.

Torres Vedras with its Atlantic climate but at the same time sunny in the middle area of ​​Portugal makes crops are growing and in turn betting on new technologies to increase production and quality.

Greenhouses in Torres Vedras

La comarca de Torres Vedras a una hora de Lisboa, es la cuna de los invernaderos en la zona «Ribatejo» (por encima del tajo).

But it also has outdoor crops. They alternate in a spectacular landscape.

tomate en invernadero hidropónico
Tomato in hydroponic greenhouse with irrigation controlled by sensors / probes.

If the land is suitable, the greenhouses for the crops are made on land.

But in case, on the contrary, the soil is not the most suitable, they install hydroponic greenhouses with rock wool or coconut fiber.

Technology in this case is essential to control nutrients, water, temperature and light.

Lettuce greenhouse on land

Invernadero de lechugas en Torres Vedras
Lettuce greenhouse in Torres Vedras with humidity, temperature and conductivity probes

Plantae installs sensors in a greenhouse for lettuce on land, but grooves protected by plastic and drip irrigation.

Controlling humidity in this crop is very important. We have already dedicated an article to this crop, its good quality totally depends on humidity control, due to its weak roots and the water it needs to nourish its edible leaves. It is very sensitive to drought.

Sensores en lechuga-Invernaderos de Torres Vedras
Sensor / probes in lettuce-Torres Vedras Greenhouses

The protection of the furrows with plastic favors the concentration of humidity and prevents evaporation, but if it is not controlled, fungi can appear that damage the crop.

Greenhouses in Torres Vedras with strawberry

Strawberry cultivation also in greenhouse and grown on land. Its structure in grooves protected by plastic.

As in the case of lettuce, the control of humidity, conductivity and temperature is very important. The sensors give us information in real time to control irrigation and achieve a quality product.

The temperature that we measure is that of the environment and that of the subsoil that influences the health of the plant. It is very sensitive to the appearance of fungi that reproduce at a certain temperature and in a humid environment. Therefore it must be controlled in an ideal way.

Strawberry greenhouse in Torres Vedras
Strawberry greenhouse in Torres Vedras with humidity and temperature meters
Strawberry cultivation-in-Portugal
Sensor de temperatura de fresa en invernaderos de Torres Vedras
Temperature sensor / probe in strawberry in Torres Vedras greenhouses

Greenhouses in Torres Vedras - onions

In the case of the onions we can see that the furrows are not covered by plastic. One reason is because they are seeded.

Sensors in the onion greenhouse in Torres Vedras
Sensors in the onion greenhouse in Torres Vedras

Controlling humidity is essential in the growth period and should decrease when the bulb is developed. The ideal proportion of water is very important so as not to alter the spiciness of the onion.

Tomato in greenhouse, in soil and in hydroponics

Tomatoes are the quintessential greenhouse crop de Torres Vedras and depending on the type of terrain we can find tomato on the ground or in hydroponic.

The tomato plants in both cases are tutored so that the plant can climb.

Tomatoes, as we have already mentioned in many articles, are very sensitive to humidity, temperature and light.

Its control is basic in both types of crops.

soporte hidropónico
Hydroponic support
Tomato greenhouse
Tomato greenhouse

Invernaderos en Torres vedras

Sensors in greenhouses in Torres Vedras - zucchini

Zucchini need a lot of watering in several phases:

  • When the transplant is done we must water abundantly so that it roots well.
  • Before blooming, watering must be moderate, without stagnations.
  • When production begins, it must be increased while maintaining humidity, the more controlled the better the quality and the more the quantity increases
Hub en invernadero de calabacín
Receiver hub in greenhouse.

Cómo curiosidad decir que las flores son comestibles y en fritura, están deliciosas.

Areas of Portugal with irrigation optimized by Plantae sensors

sensores en Portugal
sensores en Portugal

Plantae has distributors in Portugal, given the large number of crops that are interested in precision agriculture in the subsoil.

Hortiproffisional is our distributor of reference. A company dedicated to promoting quality products and controlling the entire production cycle.


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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital