Smart moisture sensor installations in woody and vineyards

At the agricultural fairs we have visited, we got our first customers to install smart humidity sensors on various crops.

What are smart sensors?

Smart sensors in agriculture are capable of detecting the variables of the subsoil that we cannot see with the naked eye and visualize on the mobile or tablet in real time.

We can measure:

  • The humidity of the subsoil.
  • The temperature of the subsoil.
  • The conductive trend.

The most important thing is that they are wireless and the Hub / receiver is powered by solar panel.

Installation of the new intelligent humidity sensors in pistachios

After receiving the new prototypes, we replaced the previous models and installed the smart sensors in pistachio trees in different areas:

  • Frank.
  • Loamy-clayey.
  • Areno-frank

All in a field with more than 30 hectares.

We were also able to test our solar panel hub / receiver in the Herencia area, Ciudad Real.

Installation in arbequina olive tree

Smart sensors adapt to all types of crops.

This time it has been in Arbequina olive trees in the north of Toledo.

Specifically near Chozas de Canales, where we have made an installation for the company UTW in one of its clients with plantations from olive trees Arbequina type.

With super intensive irrigation, the sensors have been installed in two of the sectors irrigation of this farm to control soil moisture and thus optimize the development of the tree.

Undoubtedly these new clients of Arbequina olive trees will appreciate:

  • Control of humidity.
  • The efficiency of irrigation with a view to saving water.
  • The improvement of production.
Smart moisture sensors in olive trees
Smart moisture sensors in olive trees

Plantae llega a la vid

Follow-up of the contacts obtained from the Fenavin fair and other farmers and clients of Plantae has led us to install the first sensors on the vine.

It has been in the Toledo plateau, more specifically in Tembleque, where we have incorporated our intelligent humidity sensors at 60 and 45 centimeters deep to optimize irrigation for a better grape production.

Objectives of the intelligent sensors of humidity in the grapevine

As we are in the harvest season, the objective has been to incorporate our teams in order to take measures in autumn and winter that serve to start irrigation with greater precision from spring 2018.

Smart moisture sensors in vineyards
Smart moisture sensors in vineyards

Dificultades del riego de la vid

The vine can have serious problems if the irrigation is greater than necessary:

  • Too much water in germination can lead to oxygen starvation and this causes short shoots and yellow leaves.
  • If there is waterlogging in flowering, deficiencies in the branches occur.
  • After flowering, excessive watering produces the largest grape, therefore less sweet and more acidic.

Optimizing irrigation is of the utmost importance, for quality and quantity.

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