Agricultural and agro-environmental engineering-100% employability-

If you are passionate about the countryside or food, the degree in agricultural engineering or agri-food offers you the possibility of finding a job even before finishing your degree and 100% employability.

Agricultural engineering

It may be unattractive, especially for students from the city, but today it is one of the careers that offers greater employability both in agricultural fields and in horticulture, agricultural operations or mechanization and rural structures.

As we explained in another article (+Info) this degree offers many specialties and covers many fields, depending on the tastes and abilities of each student.

100% employability

Spain is one of the main countries in agri-food production, in fact important agri-food fairs are held in our country, such as «Fruit attraction» or «Fima» in which we are always present as a company specialized in soil precision agriculture.

The press picks up this fact and we find the news of one of the people who was in practices and a year hired at «Plantae», Carlos, where, as he himself admits, he went directly from university to the world of work, without spending a single day without a job. Even with the degree and without the need to do a Master.

Plantae offers the possibility of connecting with the field directly, because in addition to the technological part, we have the process of exploration of the type of land and cultivation and the installation part. This allows our interns to know the entire agri-food chain and its production phases because our sensors control the entire phenological state of the plantations.

Do the Agricultural Engineering practices with Plantae

Plantae has collaborated with the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid), other universities in Spain and other training centers since 2018. In addition to being part of the UC3M complex (Carlos III University of Madrid).

We have a very close relationship with several professors, who seek to link their students with companies and are concerned that they have real experience in the sector:

And many others that offer our fellows the possibility of contacting all the possibilities of agronomy and agri-food, both nationally and internationally.

The importance of the agri-food industry

Agriculture is highly technical, and perhaps due to misinformation, high school students, more in the cities, think of industrial engineering, without realizing the amount of technology that moves the countryside and food in general.

The entire agri-food chain is full of technology, and agriculture at the foot of the field is the same. From the external control of a plantation with drones and satellite images, to:

  • Soil precision agriculture with sensors.
  • Terrain mapping.
  • Analysis of the components.
  • Climatology.
  • Crop varieties.
  • Intensive and super intensive crops.
  • Regenerative, biological, circular agriculture…

Our scholarship holders have access to all the possibilities of this broad field, so that they can focus their qualities on the sector that most interests them, both within agriculture and livestock.

Therefore they have the possibility of being in contact with the rural world or connecting with the research part in the laboratory.

Ignorance of agricultural engineering or thinking that it is second-rate engineering

class, can lead the sector to a sustainability problem that we must

avoid in the future.



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