Plantae has the honor of participating online in the II National Stone Fruit Forum Xtrema Fruit with a 15-minute talk.

Organize the Agromarketing event.

Plantae at the II National Stone Fruit Forum «Xtrema Fruit»

Stone fruit is one of the most consumed and Spain one of the main countries that produce it. The organization of these forums is of the utmost importance to our sensor company.

We have already dedicated a article in the previous forum in which Plantae had the honor to participate with a presentation on PRECISION AGRICULTURE FOR OPTIMIZE IRRIGATION AND SAVE WATER in stone fruit, by the hand of our CEO Samuel López.

On this occasion and due to the special circumstances that we are experiencing, Plantae's participation is online, but it is no less interesting for that.

Objectives of Plantae in II National Forum of Stone Fruit «Xtrema Fruit»


Plantae agro en Plantae agro en el II Foro Nacional de Fruta de Hueso "Xtrema Fruit"
Plantae agro at the II National Stone Fruit Forum «Xtrema Fruit»

Main stone fruits that are marketed in Spain

  • The plum con variedades doméstica y la japonesa. 
  • Peach, the variety most cultivated in Spain, being the second largest producer in the world. We also highlight the production of Paraguayan, which is a variety of peaches.
  • Nectarine , a mutation of the peach and highly valued for its flavor.
  • The apricot . Same as the important plum in the industry
  • The cherry , highlighting the « picota » and the cherry with the «Valle del Jerte» designation of origin.

In plum and cherry, the Extremaduran community is a pioneer, both in production and in quality and export