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We are collaborating in a very powerful event, the I International Citrus Forum CITRUS FORUM which will be held on June 21 and 22 in person at the ADDA Auditorium in Alicante and on June 23 100% online through Agrocommunity.

I International Citrus Forum CITRUS FORUM

It is a day of sessions of technical presentations in morning and afternoon sessions on the opening day and in the morning on June 22 with the celebration of different networking cafés.

Pschedule of presentations and the companies and institutions that collaborate.

Cítricos Citrus
Cítricos Citrus

Contributed by Plantae

The purpose of this promotion is that professionals who register for CITRUS FORUM can win an iPad and another prize consisting of sensorizing one hectare of citrus for one year, sponsored by and funded by Plantae.

Plant service includes:

  • 1 hub/data receiver.
  • 3 wireless soil moisture probes with surface temperature and conductivity.
  • 1 floor temperature sensor.
  • 1 dripper flowmeter.
  • A weather station with a rain gauge and sensors for relative humidity and ambient temperature.

In addition, the Prize includes a professional manager service with the installation and calibration of equipment and customization for any crop.


1º Acceptance of the Promotion Bases

Participation in the Promotion attributes the condition of participant in the Promotion solely and exclusively to the extent that the conditions established in Base 2 are met, with full and unconditional express acceptance of the Promotion Bases.

2º Conditions to be a Participant

Any person of legal age registered as an attendee at CITRUS FORUM can participate in the Promotion. To participate, they must comply with the steps described in point 4, "how to carry out the promotion", and they must attend the technical conferences held at the ADDA Auditorium in Alicante, being present at the time of the draw.

3º Start and end of the Promotion

The Promotion will begin from the moment these rules are published on the citrusforum.es website and will end on June 22 at 2:00 p.m., 2022, when the draw will take place.

4º Way to carry out the Promotion.

The Promotion will be adjusted to the following rules:

In all cases, the Participant must be registered and collect the prize during the CITRUS FORUM event.

Option 1 

Participate in the CitrusForum challenge and share on networks at the end – www.citrusforum.es/quiz

Option 2

The Participant must retweet (or share it depending on the social network) the publication of the promotion on social networks.

The Participant must mention the hastag #enmodocitrico

The organizer will hold the draw at the ADDA Auditorium in Alicante among all the participants in the contest who meet the requirements until the time set in point 3. A person will be selected who must be present at the time of the draw. In case of not being present, a second draw will be held to obtain another user. Said extraction will be carried out on a third and last occasion, and in case of not being present, the prize will be void.

As indicated in point 4.2, the winner must be present at the time of the draw, not allowing their accreditation in a delegated manner. Failure to be present when the winner is called implies the waiver of receiving the prize, losing the right at the time the next withdrawal is made.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel any participation due to suspected fraudulent use of the platform.

5th Condition

The participants expressly authorize the transfer of their data for the exclusive use of advertising actions by the organization or the sponsor. For his part, the winner authorizes the transfer of his image for dissemination of the award.

Citrus Forum


An online agricultural information portal.

As can be seen in the program, on the 23rd, through Agromunity, the 1st International Citrus Citrus Forum is held 100% online. This platform has more than 12,000 farmers from all over the world associated with it.

The program in the face-to-face sessions and in the online mode aims to:

Present the latest advances and novelties in the citrus sector. Some topics will focus on intelligent fertigation, pests and diseases, genetic improvement and new varieties, crop modernization, marketing, post-harvest or organic farming.



I Foro Internacional CITRUSFORUM



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