Humidity sensors in Murcia-Smart irrigation in agriculture

After some visits to the area, we went on to install several humidity sensor equipment in Murcia , in the area of ​​ Jumilla , a region with significant drought problems and irrigation optimization.

Installation of humidity sensors in Murcia

Moisture sensors / probe were installed in 3 farms in Jumilla in the crops:

  • Apricot.
  • Peach.
  • Pear tree.

The purpose is to measure the humidity at 60cm and 45cm deep in the dripping areas.

With this implementation we will seek to measure the humidity ranges during the winter to optimize the irrigation hours in the spring.

Esquema de riego por goteo
Drip irrigation scheme. 1-Rain. 2-Absorption. 3-Drip irrigation. 4-Perspiration. 5-Conductivity sensor. measuring accumulation of salts 6-Humidity sensor. 7-Drip hose. 8-Wet bulb. 9-Root system. 10-ales accumulated. 11-Filtration of the subsoil. 12-Depth

Controlled irrigation in apricot

  • The apricot tree is a tree that cannot have puddled water for a long time. This can cause diseases that affect its production.
  • It supports drought better, but that influences its fruits, which will be smaller.
  • Drought also affects smell and taste.

It is therefore very important to control the irrigation, which is not excessive, so the fruits will be abundant and better.

Irrigation control is essential in its first year of life. The best soil is alkaline with good drainage.

The same thing happens to the peach and the pear

Sensores de humedad en Murcia
Humidity sensors / probe in Murcia in apricot cultivation

Hub / receiver for Murcia humidity sensors

The Plantae Hub / receiver receives the data obtained with the wireless sensors and other weather devices, with a range of 700 meters, and in turn transfers them by GPRS to our web platform.

The farmer can see the results of the graphs of the humidity and temperature sensors on the mobile or tablet.

The advancement in irrigation control that Plantae offers to control moisture is essential in achieving precision agriculture.

Hub/receiver for humidity sensors in Murcia
Hub / receiver for sensors / humidity probe in (Jumilla) Murcia

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